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This Sauce Is Popular For French Fries In Ireland And The UK

How do you like the eat your French fries? If they're really, really good, then they might taste their best just plain, with nothing more than a sprinkling of salt. (Think: McDonald's fries eaten out of the bag as you drive home). If you're like most of us, you probably dunk your fries in ketchup, unless those fries come from Wendy's. In this case, you may be dipping them in a Frosty instead. 

If you're more of a Europhile, you may like to eat your fries with mayonnaise, as they do in Belgium — a country that is home to some world-class pommes frites. If you're a wannabe-Brit, you probably prefer malt vinegar, the favorite condiment of your basic British chippy (except in Edinburgh, where the brown "chippy sauce" rules). If you really want to experience chips the U.K. way, though, Insider says you should probably be dousing your fried potatoes in curry sauce.

Curry-sauced fries are a favorite pub snack

Wait, isn't curry more of a South Asian thing? Well, immigrant culture has given a boost to the cuisine of many other lands besides the U.S., where nothing is as All-American as hot dogs and hamburgers, which are actually German in origin. While Insider considers curry chips to be native to the entire British Isles, Australian network SBS thinks of them more as an Irish pub food. Wherever they may have originated, curry chips can be as simple as fries served with a side of sweet, slightly spicy curry sauce that's kind of like a browner, less ketchup-y version of Germany's beloved currywurst sauce. A more elaborate version of this dish has the chips topped with cheese in addition to the sauce, something that lends them an almost poutine-ish air.

So are curry chips ever going to catch on outside of Great Britain and Ireland? One Commonwealth country, at least, is already on board, as they seem to be fairly popular in Australia, as well. Here in the U.S., though, Wendy's is still interpreting Pub Fries as bacon-smothered and doused in beer cheese sauce, something that sounds more like Milwaukee than Dublin. But who knows? Maybe McDonald's will come up with a new Worldwide Favorites menu and introduce curry fries to "billions and billions" across the globe.