Your Favorite Food Brands Have Their Own Halloween Costumes For 2021

With only a few weeks left before Halloween night, it is high time you start thinking about your costume — if you haven't already, that is. While there are plenty of options out there for anyone to choose from, those who truly want to become what they eat can this Halloween. Tons of food brands and fast food chains have released their own costumes for mega-fans to wear.

Though more creative types might want to put in the effort to dress up as Amy Schumer's memorable Hellmann's Fairy Godmayo appearance in its Super Bowl commercial from the start of the year, most of the costumes available are super easy to slip on. You don't even have to buy additional accessories for the costume to really read well. Foodies can choose from a classic, if non-branded, slice of pizza, a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, or the much-beloved Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets of varying levels of spiciness (via Halloween Costumes). But these brands are far from the only ones to have released their very own line of costumes in 2021.


Dunkin' is offering two new costumes this year that are just enough so the whole family can trick-or-treat in themed unison. In partnership with Spirit Halloween, Dunkin' has released its Adult Dunkin' Cold Brew costume as well as the Child's Munchkins Donut Hole Treats Box costume, according to a press release sent to Mashed. Dunkin' is also bringing back the Adult Dunkin' Hot Coffee and the Adult Strawberry Frosted Donut costume from last Halloween. If you couldn't find them last year because both costumes completely sold out in just 24 hours, now's your chance to don your favorite breakfast treats.

The Adult Dunkin' Cold Brew Costume is a 3D plush iced coffee cup that features Dunkin's branded design topped with its signature orange straw. To match, the Child's Munchkins Donut Hole Treat Box Costume is just what it sounds like — a Dunkin Munchkins Treat Box. The box has delicious plush donut holes spilling out of the top and even comes with a Dunkin' hat for kids to wear. All costumes are available through the Spirit Halloween website again this year for $39.99 each.


Starburst fans might remember the Berries & Creme ad from 2007 (via YouTube). But even those who don't have likely seen the 14-year-old Starburst ad on TikTok. Since August 2021, the video has been viewed more than 1.2 billion times, according to PR Newswire, which is why Mars Wrigley decided to release a costume based on the now-viral ad. "To celebrate, we're excited to help fans embrace their inner Little Lad this Halloween by releasing official limited-edition Starburst Little Lad costumes," Justin Hollyn-Taub, Senior Director, U.S. Fruit Snacks for Mars Wrigley, said. Clearly, the candy company is giving the people what they want.

The costume is of Starburst's "Little Lad" from the official commercial. Complete with a bobbed wig, oversized jacket with a collar and cuffs, pantaloons, socks, and even a pack of Starburst Original chew, anyone who wears the "Little Lad" costume will have a complete look.

Starburst is even giving people a chance to win the costume. Those who recreated the "Berries and Creme" song and dance by October 7 and submitted it on TikTok using #StarburstLittleLad and #Sweepstakes were entered to win.


Not to be left out of the fun, Cheetos also partnered with Spirit Halloween to release two official costumes. On the Spirit Halloween website, there are four merchandise options including Flamin' Hot Cheetos no-show socks and a Flamin' Hot Cheetos baseball cap. As for the costumes themselves, adults can choose between a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos or an individual Flamin' Hot Cheeto.

The bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos is a boxy but obvious pick and no one will second-guess what you're supposed to be. However, the individual Cheeto costume does look a bit like an orange peanut. Even the model in the photo is holding and pointing to a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos just to make sure you get the idea. You might, however, consider getting a group together to go as a pile of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Regardless, those who love the spicy cheese-dusted concepts can buy either of the options for $39.99.


There's a lot to be excited about when it comes to Franzia's two Halloween costumes this year for those who can't get enough boxed wine. The prolific wine company finally launched official costumes that any boxed wine fan will want to wear — or anyone of age who wants to be the center of attention at the party. "Our Franzia Halloween costumes were inspired by our fans, who we fondly call 'Franz', that have been creating homemade Franzia Halloween costumes for years," said Collin Cooney, Franzia Marketing Director, according to BusinessWire. "The new Franzia costumes make you the life of a party, just like an actual box of Franzia." That's right, the costumes actually dispense wine thanks to an internal side pouch that carries a full bag of Franzia over the shoulder.

The costume comes in Franzia Dark Red Blend or Franzia Rich & Buttery Chardonnay. But whichever you choose will feature glow-in-the-dark text so everyone can see you coming. These costumes are $40 each without the wine, of course.

White Castle

Finally, White Castle is also joining the official food costumes of Spirit Halloween with two limited-edition options, according to a press release sent to Mashed. Hot off the menu, fans of the burger chain can dress up as a White Castle slider or White Castle chicken rings. Thanks to their unique look, anyone who regularly eats at White Castle will spot and recognize these costumes right away.

"We've heard the demand for White Castle costumes and are thrilled to finally be serving two outrageously fun options to satisfy the cravings of the restaurant's devoted fan base," Kym Sarkos, Spirit Halloween EVP, explained in a statement. "We love the fans' passion and enthusiasm, and by closely collaborating with White Castle, we feel we've developed two ultra-unique costumes that capture that positive energy," Sarkos added. Clearly, Spirit Halloween and White Castle are here to make fast food lovers' dreams come true. Both are available on the Halloween retailer's website for $59.99.