Hidden Valley Wants You To Think Outside The Box For Halloween Treats

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's high time you started thinking about the spooky season. Everyone knows there's always one person who hands out something that just isn't as good as candy. Whether it's apples, toothbrushes, or carrots, there tends to always be something unexpected floating in the treat bag at the end of Halloween night. Now an unusual twist thanks to Hidden Valley might actually make trick-or-treaters even angrier when sorting through their jack-o-lantern bucket.

Hidden Valley recently announced that they will be selling Halloween-themed bags of ranch packets perfect for passing out to trick-or-treaters (via Food and Wine). Each packet is shaped like a mini ranch bottle and holds half a fluid ounce of creamy ranch dressing. Each bag of the mini bottle packets is $20 and includes 30 packets for a total of 15 ounces of Hidden Valley Ranch. That means the themed packets are $1.33 per ounce or $0.67 per packet — while you can get a full 16-ounce bottle for less than $3 at Target. That definitely makes this alternative, savory Halloween option even more sour.

Tiny ranch bottles aren't the only Halloween trick from Hidden Valley

While Hidden Valley made a forced effort to break into the world of must-have Halloween eats by also adding costumes to their shop, the grab at holiday attention might be ill-advised. However, we'll only have to wait and see if anyone is brave enough to pass out ranch instead of candy this year. If so, trick-or-treaters just might have a full night of playing tricks on those who rob them of their treat. Halloween is, after all, a holiday of sweets with companies rolling out their Halloween-themed candy early every year. It would seem bottles of Hidden Valley Ranch might be best left in the fridge until the pizza arrives at the end of Halloween night. 

If you are among the brave member of the household that passes out candy and you do opt to give kids little packets of ranch, you might want to keep some candy on hand as back up. Better yet, if you feel compelled to pass out those little Halloween ranch bottles, buy yourself some amnesty and hand a piece of candy out too. Not everyone loves ranch as much as you might.