The Reason You Recognize The Woman From The Hellmann's Super Bowl Commercial

It's that time of year once again, when sports fans and their frequently-bemused loved ones can finally engage in a few hours of TV sports that actually offers something for everyone. We're talking about the annual football slash musical slash pop-culture extravaganza that is the Super Bowl. From what we've seen thus far, Super Bowl LV promises to deliver on all fronts, including a halftime appearance by the Weeknd and a number of super clever ads rolling out during commercial breaks. Oh yeah, and there's also a really important football game. But enough about sports. Let's talk about the new Hellmann's Super Bowl spot that the brand has been teasing since late-January (via Twitter).

There is a very good reason you'll probably recognize the woman from Hellmann's Super Bowl commercial, which won't air in full until Sunday, February 7 (specifically, the third commercial break in the second quarter of the game, via PR Newswire). That's because she happens to be the incredibly talented actor, comedian, author, and unlikely but adorable cooking show host who just happens to be a cousin of Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer

Amy Schumer fights food waste in Hellmann's Super Bowl LV commercial

Hellmann's is clearly excited about its new commercial, featuring the multi-talented Amy Schumer, if its press release for its first Super Bowl ad ever is any indication, per PR Newswire. You might recognize Schumer from her Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer, the film Trainwreck, or from her stand-up specials like 2019's Amy Schumer: Growing (via IMDb).

The commercial, which Schumer describes as "magical realism" will have Schumer standing in front of a refrigerator packed with nothing but Hellmann's mayonnaise before she steps inside and reveals that she has ... the wings of an angel (via People). It appears that Angel Amy is there to raise awareness about the issue of food waste and to encourage Americans to leverage their culinary creativity to "make taste, not waste" with ingredients that might otherwise end up in the trash.

"Guess what's inside your fridge? Endless possibilities," Hellmann's website explains. "Amy Schumer is here to help Hellmann's end food waste by opening America's pantries and making snack magic — sad solitary ingredients will now join a delicious, creamy group hug." You can help too by leveraging one of America's favorite condiments to raise the profile of your leftovers. To get you started, here are a whole bunch of totally surprising recipes that use mayo as a secret (and genius) ingredient.