Mary Berry: Love To Cook: Info We Know So Far

The announcement recently shared by The Mirror that Mary Berry's show "Best Home Cook" will likely not be renewed for a third season was terrible news for her fans. Berry herself must be quite disappointed by this development as well. After all, she shared with the BBC that what she loved about the show was the "contestants joy of cooking and enthusiasm." Berry certainly isn't letting any disappointment show, however, or letting this news slow her down. We learned that she has a new program airing this fall, a show called "Love To Cook."

In a press release, Berry revealed, "'Love to Cook' is me in a nutshell! My cooking is all about sharing what I know and love, teaching and inspiring everyone to enjoy cooking as much as I do" (Mary Berry). She goes to write about the shared experience of people everywhere finding comfort and healing through cooking, especially with more time at home since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to sharing her own love of food, Berry will feature other "wonderful characters as I travel the British Isles in a quest to meet and share in our passion for food." Here's what we know about Berry's new show. 

Love to Cook will be released in November 2021

Berry first announced the new show in June 2021, and in the announcement said the series would be released "later this year" (Mary Berry). The Daily Mail recently interviewed Berry about her surgery after breaking her hip in August (fortunately, she seems to be in great spirits and recovering well) and during the interview, she confirmed that "Love To Cook" will launch in November of this year. 

The press release shared that the program will consist of six half-hour episodes that will air on BBC2 (a channel of the British Broadcasting Corporation) and via BBC iPlayer. On their website, BBC shares that their iPlayer is a way to watch BBC programs on computers, TVs, tablets, and game consoles. They also note, unfortunately, that iPlayer is only available for viewers in the UK — so American fans of Berry will have to wait until the show is (hopefully) picked up by a US streaming service, as happened with Berry's "Best Home Cook," which aired on Hulu. 

Mary Berry's recipes will be spotlighted on Love to Cook

In the press release for "Love To Cook," it was noted that Berry will be followed as she "searches out kindred spirits with their own remarkable passions, shares their stories, and together with imparting her favourite recipes, inspires the country to fall in love with cooking, growing and producing food" (Mary Berry). Her goal with the new program is to share something for everyone, whether they're seasoned cooks or just starting out.

Judging by the description, it seems that "Love To Cook" will be a perfect follow-up series to her program, "Simple Comforts," which aired in the fall of 2020 (via BBC Food). In "Simple Comforts," Berry traveled across the UK and also into France and Ireland to meet local producers responsible for some of best-loved foods, like local cheeses, butter, chocolates, smoked herring, and more. Each episode featured Berry making her own recipes that were inspired by these travels and similarly, "Love To Cook" episodes will feature Berry's recipes.

Mary Berry is releasing a Love to Cook cookbook

As if creating and starring in yet another new cooking show wasn't enough, Berry shares in the press release that she has also written a brand new cookbook, which has been titled "Love To Cook," just like the show (Mary Berry). The Daily Mail shares that the cookbook will be released on October 28, just weeks before the series is set to begin airing.

The Happy Foodie shares that the "Love To Cook" cookbook focuses on the strength of our emotional connection to food. The over 120 recipes from Berry were chosen specifically to be nurturing and ideal for sharing with friends and loved ones. The book is also full of beautiful photographs, clear instructions, and tips described as "no nonsense," which feels like a very Mary Berry thing to say!

In their interview, the Daily Mail asked Berry if she's given any thought to retiring. "I'll stay on telly until I don't enjoy it any more," she replied. "And I can't imagine that day coming." With over 70 cookbooks published, it would seem Berry feels the same way about writing and recipe sharing.