Bad News For Fans Of Mary Berry's Best Home Cook

We last saw the best of Britain's amateur cooks competing for the grand prize on Mary Berry's cooking show "Best Home Cook" in February 2020, according to IMDb. Both seasons of the show were well received, with 3 million viewers for Season 1 and over 3.6 million for Season 2 (via The Mirror). Since then, a celebrity edition of the show aired at the start of 2021, but fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season of "Best Home Cook." Unfortunately, it was just revealed that the future of the show may be in jeopardy. 

Talks for a third season of Berry's show were already moving at a frustratingly slow pace. Then, in August of this year, it was announced that due to financial insolvency and unpaid debts, the production company behind the show, KEO Films, was sold to a rival company. According to The Guardian, KEO Films was founded in 1995 by British author and chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. The company earned a number of awards for their films and shows, and in addition to "Best Home Cook," it produced other foodie treasures like "The Food Chain," "Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Island Feast," and "The Cook Who Changed Our Lives" about Chef Anna Del Conte (via the KEO Films website).

Luckily, Mary Berry has other projects on the horizon

When asked by The Mirror about the chances of the new production studio owners reviving "Best Home Cook," one inside source told them, "We're not holding out much hope." Fortunately for her fans, the indomitable Dame Mary Berry isn't sitting on her laurels while the future of "Best Home Cook" remains up in the air. According to IMDb, she helmed a new show called "Mary Berry's Simple Comforts" in 2020. During the program, she took viewers with her to Paris plus several U.K. spots to learn about easy comfort dishes like butternut squash wraps, colcannon, and croque monsieur sandwiches. Berry also made several appearances on British TV news shows into 2021. 

Berry has new shows in the works as well! In a press release on her website, Berry shares that she will continue to inspire viewers with her passion for food in a follow-up series to "Simple Comforts." The new show, "Love To Cook," will air this year, and a companion cookbook by the same name is also set to be released this fall. Also, according to C21 Media, a new show has just been ordered called "Fantastic Feasts," which will focus on newbie cooks who put on a banquet for their loved ones after a crash course in cooking with Berry and a celebrity guest. Hopefully, this new work will be some comfort to viewers of "Best Home Cook" since its future appears to be on shaky ground.