According To Starburst, There's Only One Right Way To Open Bags Of Candy

We'll admit that opening a bag of candy is a delicate art. If you tear the bag in just the right way, you can reach inside to retrieve single pieces of sweetness or pour out a handful without dumping out the entire bag. One wrong rip and the bag no longer functions, and all the candy comes falling out. What should have been the highlight of your afternoon turns into a slightly annoying experience.

Starburst started making some bold statements on their Twitter account for National Candy Day, including that there is only one correct way to open a bag of your favorite candy. The candy brand just released an exciting new take on its traditional candy called Starburst Air. The new candy has similar flavor to the Starburst you know and love, but has a lighter, fluffier texture, according to Thrillist. The candy, which is available in some stores this fall and will be sold nationwide in 2022, comes in a bag of unwrapped candies as opposed to a sleeve of individually wrapped pieces.

This has made Starburst invested in every aspect of your candy-eating experience, from the moment you tear open the bag. Read below what they had to say about the one correct way to open your bag of candy.

The right way to open a bag of Starburst

The official Starburst Twitter account weighed in on the right way to open a bag of candy, using a couple of photos of their new Starbucks Air packaging. In the tweet, the candy brand said, "Don't disrespect #NationalCandyDay by being the person on the right."

The graphic below the text showed a package of Starburst Airs opened the correct way on the left — ripping it open it at the "tear here" mark on the front ) — and a package opened incorrectly (from the back) on the right. The correct way showed a package carefully torn from the top right corner so that still functioned as a bag. The incorrect way showed the bag torn from the front so that all the delicious candies were exposed. Above the images was a simple question, "Which are you?"

Starburst fans weighed in on the comments, with most confirming that they were the person on the left and that they agreed with Starburst's way of opening the bag. Of course, if you couldn't wait to get to the candy inside and had to tear the bag open — and ate them all in one sitting — we're sure Starburst wouldn't hold it against you. We all know the truly controversial opinion isn't how you open the bag, but which original Starburst flavor is your favorite.