People Are Split On Which Original Starburst Flavor They Consider The Worst

Starburst candies were an iconic part of many of our childhoods, and because of their ties to nostalgia, there is always a debate over which Starburst flavor is the best. Not to mention, the release of new flavors over the years such as Strawberry Banana and Green Apple has also led to conversations about which Starburst flavor is the worst.

The original four, though, still rank supreme and they were the basis of a recent Mashed poll asking respondents which flavor they'd vie for as the best — strawberry, cherry, orange, or lemon. There was a huge turnout of 35,000 respondents worldwide — and in no surprise the pink square, aka strawberry, took the top spot with 48% of voters saying it's the top pick. This flavor has been regarded as extremely popular by the general public since the dawn of the candy, with fans even coming up with off-menu Starbucks drinks (seen on TikTok) that resemble its taste.

But it's the split over which Starburst flavor ranked lowest in the poll that is interesting. Cherry was the predictable second favorite, nabbing 27% of the votes, leaving lemon and orange at the bottom of the list, tied with each flavor receiving 12% of the votes.

The dislike for citrus flavor Starbursts

While the citrus flavors didn't seem to get a whole lot of love from this poll, they still have their fans out there — or at least, one of the two flavors does. A Spoon University writer ranked lemon at their top of their list for their favorite original flavor, but even they still pitted orange last.

As well, a Buzzfeed article titled, "It's A Proven Fact That Orange Is The Worst Starburst Flavor And Here's Why," compiled several different pictures and tweets, all of which express people's near unanimous contempt for the chewy orange square. The author of the piece even writes, "I would much rather eat two yellows than two oranges." Our poll, thankfully, gives the more unpopular flavor a bit of grace by tying its results with lemon.

But there's good news if you're a fan of lemon or orange Starburst flavors — it simply means there's more for you while your friends are fighting over the few strawberry and cherry options that are left in the pack.