This Is The One Dessert Padma Lakshmi Says Everyone Should Make - Exclusive

The holidays are undoubtedly a time for desserts. From Thanksgiving pies to Christmas cookies to Nian Gao for the Lunar New Year and so many more, there is an endless spread of sweet treats that sugarcoat the holiday season from start to finish. And, according to the expert in all things food, Padma Lakshmi, there's another dessert we need to be adding to the festive lineup of treats.

Mashed got the chance to speak exclusively with Lakshmi, and got some sweet details about the new holiday-themed season of her top-rated Hulu show "Taste The Nation." When asked what the best or most interesting food she got to try while filming this season, she had an immediate answer: Blueberry Slump. It's a Native American dessert, according to the Harvard Gazette, that has stood the test of time. Lakshmi learned all about it while filming the Thanksgiving episode of "Taste the Nation," and was hooked upon the first bite. She explained to Mashed why she loves the sweet treat so much, and why you should try making it at home ASAP.

Blueberry Slump is an easy, indulgent treat you must try

It wasn't hard for Padma Lakshmi to recall one of the most memorable dishes she tried on "Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition." As she told Mashed, "One dessert that I learned how to make in the Wampanoag episode in Cape Cod is called a Slump." It's basically a warm, stewed cobbler, made with local, seasonal berries like blueberries and cranberries, and speckled with dumplings on top (via Edible Cape Cod). The topping is similar to the biscuits you'll often find topping traditional southern cobblers (per The Food Channel).

According to Lakshmi, once you try Blueberry Slump, you'll be hooked, and it's certainly not hard to imagine with all the cobbler lovers out there. The "Top Chef" host described Slump as "so concentrated and delicious and intense in blueberry flavor." Delicious enough to convert even her into a dessert fan. "I'm not a big dessert maker. I'm totally a savory person. And so I don't make a lot of desserts," she claimed. However, she added "that Slump is so delicious that I came home from filming in the summer. And I made that Slump the very first weekend that I was home." Lakshmi thinks you should give it a try at home as well. "It's so easy to do ... and I encourage everybody to watch the episode and try to recreate it."

You can catch Padma Lakshmi in the newest season of "Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition" available to stream on Hulu now.