Aldi Fans Are Upset Over This Moldy Truffle Cheese

If you're a cheese person, chances are that Aldi is your happy place. The supermarket chain regularly rolls out tons of seasonal and holiday-inspired cheeses that send cheese fans into a frenzy. Coffee and chill flavored cheese? Check. Easter egg-shaped cheese? Check again. Cheese that tastes like a summery cocktail? Aldi is your answer.

While Aldi is way ahead of the game when it comes to limited-edition seasonal cheeses, its cheese collection on a regular day is pretty darn impressive as well. The truffle cheddar cheese, in particular, has a loyal fanbase of its own. It inspired a fan on Reddit to express heartbreak over the item's sporadic appearances on Aldi's shelves. As far back as 2015, Aldi shoppers in Australia were asking the chain why the cheese isn't a permanent member of Aldi's cheese aisle (via Facebook).

Considering how popular Aldi's truffle cheddar cheese is, coupled with the fact that it's only occasionally available at Aldi stores, shoppers probably count themselves as lucky if they've managed to spot it on a given day. So fans understandably weren't happy to find that when one shopper did manage to buy the cheese, it turned out to be moldy (via Reddit).

Reddit suggests eating or replacing the moldy cheese

When an Aldi shopper shared a picture on Reddit of their truffle cheddar cheese covered in blue mold, they declared that "this is what heartbreak looked like." Some users found the situation funny. "Ah, gettin picky about just which fungus is allowed to be in your cheese now, eh?" wrote one user, referring to the fact that truffles are fungi (via the National Wildlife Federation). Another quipped, "It's truffle blue cheese now."

Other Reddit users were a little less amused and thought it to be a sad turn of events that such a good cheese had gotten moldy and inedible. The incident did, however, spark a discussion of whether to eat the cheese. Some suggested simply scraping the moldy bits off and using the rest of the cheese, with one person adding that their father-in-law lived to age 99 and believed that eating a little bit of mold wouldn't hurt anybody. But the heartbroken cheese owner said, "I'll just buy a new one."

A  number of Aldi fans also suggested taking the truffle cheese back to the store and making use of Aldi's generous return policies to not only get the cheese replaced but also get the money back to buy more cheese! Whether or not the shopper will be lucky enough to find another block of the prized truffle cheddar cheese or not is another matter.