Aldi's Adorable Easter Cheese Selection Is Turning Heads

Aldi is on a roll with adorable eats, sweets, and gifts for Easter this year. From chocolate thins to chocolate bunnies, there are so many delicious Easter treats to choose from. However, the latest Aldi Finds includes spring- and Easter-themed cheeses, and customers are loving them (via Aldi). 

The cheeses were first spotted by an Aldi fan account on Instagram, @aldifavoritefinds, on Thursday, March 18th. The caption read, "The cutest Easter cheese is back! Swipe the photos to see the different flavors. Comment below and let me know which flavors you have tried in years past or a flavor you want to try this year!" Within a day, the post had more than 1,400 likes, so clearly Aldi shoppers are keen to learn about this Easter-ready spread.

These Emporium Selection spring-themed cheeses are imported from England, weigh 5.3 ounces, and cost $3.99 each, according to Aldi. There are three adorable designs with three different flavors to choose from too. The first is an aged English cheddar enclosed in a white egg design. Shoppers can also enjoy a pink egg shape that contains Wensleydale cheese with raspberry and white chocolate. Finally, there's a yellow chick-shaped block. This is also Wensleydale cheese, but this one is flavored with lemon and honey.

Aldi cheeses are perfect for an Easter charcuterie board

People were very quick to comment on this adorable, cheesy post. One commenter must have been overwhelmed by the cuteness. They simply said, "Thank you – and I love this post!!!" Then there were tons of comments that involved tagging other people to spread the news and joy of these festive cheeses.

One comment tagged another account and said, "Thought of you! Look at those Easter shaped cheeses!" Someone else tagged an account and simply wrote, "Easter charcuterie," which is honestly inspiration enough for many. Another Aldi fan, who's already had the cheese, reported back: "This was delicious. Light and refreshing. We had it with crackers and added a touch more of lavender honey and walnuts."

Another person might have been feeling a little impatient when they tagged someone and wrote, "Where my cheese at?" It's clearly time for a trip to Aldi for all of these fans and customers. One person even tagged someone and wrote, "I'm going to get some tomorrow morning!!" So don't delay. According to Aldi Reviewer, who spotted these seasonal cheeses back in spring 2020, these are only in stores for a limited time.