The Rock's 2021 'Dwanta Claus' Ice Cream Collab Features 5 Festive Flavors

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson isn't exactly what you think of when you picture a right jolly old elf – and, despite the rumors, producer Hiram Garcia of the upcoming holiday film "Red One" says that Johnson will be playing the role of "something really awesome" rather than of Mr. Claus himself (via Screen Rant). That being said, Johnson does have an alter ego he calls "Dwanta Claus" who doesn't come down chimneys late in December, but instead appears in people's social media feeds during the festive season. Last year, "Dwanta," who appears to be Santa's smackdown-laying, tequila-loving cousin, posted a midnight workout video to Instagram. But this year he's getting into the gift-giving act. As per a recent tweet, Dwanta will be partnering with X-Box to sponsor a contest where the prize is a Series S console.

While Dwanta Claus isn't known for loving milk and cookies like his jolly red counterpart, he does enjoy the occasional cheat day. So what does he eat on such a day? Ice cream, of course! Once again, Johnson is teaming up with those busy little elves at Salt & Straw to offer a Dwanta Claus ice cream five-pack with flavors that only come around once a year.

This year's Dwanta Pack features a double dose of tequila

Salt & Straw's 2021 Dwanta Claus pack consists of five pints of ice cream, two of which are in its regular lineup: Chocolate Gooey Brownie (which contains marshmallow fluff!) and Double Fold Vanilla (which is evidently extra vanilla-y). Dwanta's Teremana Spiked Eggnog, currently one of their flavors of the month, was also featured in 2020's Dwanta Pack. It is, as its name implies, an eggnog flavor made with Johnson's Teremana brand of tequila. This year's Dwanta Claus selection also includes PB&J (which in this case stands for "Pretty Badass & Jolly") Coconut Banana Pancakes, which is banana ice cream loaded with coconut pancake pieces, peanut butter cups, marionberry jelly, candied coconut, and streusel crumble. The fifth pint of Dwanta's ice cream is something called Naughty Nutty, Tipsy Toasty Teremana Pecan Pie, and it's a spiced ice cream filled with pecans and spiked with, yes, more tequila.

If the Dwanta pack has one drawback (besides the calories, which don't count on cheat days), it would have to be the price tag. $65 for 5 pints comes out to $13 a pint, plus shipping and handling. Of course, the cost per pint is the same for the rest of Salt & Straw's lineup. At least if you buy the Dwanta pack, or even just a single pint of the Teremana-spiked eggnog, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing $1 of that $13 goes to World Central Kitchen.