The Rock Shares His Ridiculously Huge Cheat Day Meal

If you were ever to truly smell what The Rock was cooking, chances are you'd catch a whiff of cod, because like many super-buff actors, his usual diet is full of lean protein, with nary a bowl of ice cream in sight. On cheat days, though, Dwayne Johnson goes all out, and we were astounded to see the huge cheat day meal The Rock recently shared on Instagram. 

You'd think that someone who usually eats about 36 ounces of cod a day would go easy on his cheat days, but all of that rippling muscle means that when he decides to indulge in his cravings, The Rock really goes for it. It's not the usual food you see a muscle-bound action star eating, but if anything, this cheat meal makes The Rock seem more relatable than ever. 

The Rock's epic cheat day meal

On Instagram, The Rock posted his latest #Sundaycheatmeal, and the feast is not for the faint of heart... literally (via Instagram).

The Rock sat down to a plate of pancakes, smothered with peanut butter and maple syrup. As a side dish? Two pints of Salt & Straw Chocolate Gooey Brownie ice cream and a third pint of Chocolate Chip. 

Now, we don't know which recipe The Rock uses for his pancakes, nor which peanut butter and syrup. But what we do know is that a single pint of Salt & Straw's ice cream clocks in at about 1,000 calories, so that's almost 3,000 calories in ice cream alone — all in one meal (via Delish). 

Us regular folks might be shocked at this indulgent spread, but at least one other action superstar understands — Sylvester Stallone commented on The Rock's post, "I get it! Is the SECRET to keeping your bodybuilding sanity!"

The Rock's favorite cheat day snacks

This isn't the first time The Rock has indulged in a big way on his cheat day. He's a big fan of Salt & Straw ice cream, especially the Chocolate Gooey Brownie flavor. He'll also sometimes chow down on sushi, and can make quick work of two 8-ounce burgers with fries and tequila. Don't forget that a 33-ounce bone-in ribeye and 1-pound loaded baked potato don't stand a chance (via Instagram). 

His love of sweets is also legendary — he's been known to power through cookies, brownies, and cheesecake all in one meal.

Now if only we could have the discipline and metabolism of The Rock so we could take our cheat meals to the next level, too!