This Egg Cooking Hack Uses A Jar And A Dishwasher

Apparently, you could go down quite the internet rabbit hole if you're looking for new ways to cook eggs. Thanks to various content creators, in addition to the traditional methods — boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, and in an omelet — there is an expanded universe of completely novel ways to cook an egg that reaches beyond your wildest breakfast dreams. Sure, some of the viral egg methods have whisked up mixed feelings while some are flat-out dangerous. For the most part, though, these cooking hacks utilize engaging tactics to provide noteworthy takeaways. Hopefully, they lead to more confidence and fun in the kitchen. 

Even a tedious and tricky task like poaching can be a joyful act, and the food magazine Fine Dining Lovers can explain how. In a YouTube video that explains different approaches to making eggs, there was one hack that washed away the others with its simplicity and quirkiness. To utilize this method, all you'll need is a dishwasher and a jar. 

How to make eggs in the dishwasher

Fine Dining Lovers suggests cooking your eggs in the dishwasher in their YouTube video. Here's how it's done: Place an egg in a glass jar fitted with a sealed lid and fill it up with water. Put it in the dishwasher set on a one-hour cycle at 60 degrees Celsius, or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Crack open the silky egg and serve. It's that simple, but it's not the only clever egg cooking hack on the Internet.

The Lady and Pups food blog took the world by storm with a recipe for soft, creamy scrambled eggs made in literally 15 seconds by whisking the eggs with a mixture of milk and potato or tapioca starch before cooking on high heat. Over on TikTok, creators also have a finger on the pulse on egg innovations, including reinvented scrambled eggs, the most flavorful eggs ever, and the most recent addition to the canon: the sun omelette, eggs encased in a ring of tomato skin (via Food52).

And we can't forget about the weirdest way you can cook an egg, which was brought to the world's attention by Bon Appétit and also uses a dishwasher but takes three hours and only results in a normal boiled egg. That one seems like a high effort, low reward cooking project if ever there was one, but no judgment. As Oscar Wilde said, "An egg is always an adventure; it may be different each time" (via Goodreads).