12 Coke Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

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Whether or not you are a big soda drinker, or even if you've never had a soda in your life, you know that Coca-Cola is probably the most popular soda out there. The brand is so ubiquitous with soda in general that it's not uncommon for someone to request "a coke," while actually referring to another brand of soda. Coke is hugely beloved by loyal customers, but just because it's so famous doesn't mean everything Coke does is equally adored by fans as well.

Like any brand, Coke has come out with new products over the years, and while some have been huge hits, others have been even bigger flops. Because Coca-Cola has been around since 1886, it makes sense that they would need to invent new flavors and combinations in order to keep customers intrigued. That said, not everything that Coke comes out with is good. So, in case you haven't tried all the different Coke flavors, keep reading to see them ranked worst to best. That way, you'll know what to avoid in the future.

12. Caffeine Free Diet Coke

In making sure every customer has an option to choose from, Coca-Cola released a new kind of drink that had zero sugar, zero calories, and zero caffeine. Caffeine Free Diet Coke isn't for everyone, and is honestly the worst Coke flavor out there.

While Diet Coke has its own flavor profile, for some reason taking the caffeine out really changes the taste of this drink, and not in a good way. The Caffeine Free Diet Coke tastes less zingy, has less of that classic Coca-Cola flavor, and is overall just disappointing. Seriously, if you're a fan of Diet Coke and want to see if this caffeine-free option is for you, don't waste your time. According to one review, the drink just doesn't taste the same as regular Diet Coke. "I didn't like the caffeine free Coca Cola because it just tasted different from the Coca-Cola I was used to tasting. No improvement to do except for putting the caffeine back into the drink. I would never purchase this product again," the reviewer wrote. Yeah, this drink is definitely one to miss.

11. Orange Vanilla Coke

In 2019, Coca-Cola apparently decided that they really needed to shake things up, so they released a few new flavors, including some that you'd probably never think to be combined with soda. And one, the Orange Vanilla Coke, is seriously not one of Coke's better offerings. While the flavor isn't downright disgusting, it's definitely not good, and considering there are so many other Coke flavors that are actually delicious, this one just misses the mark.

According to a review from Food & Wine, the drink is interesting, for sure. "The taste of regular Orange Vanilla Coke, unsurprisingly, isn't all that different from a creamsicle. The vanilla flavor adds a bit more body and sweetness to the usual Coke formula, while the orange adds a hint of acidity," the review stated. Maybe if you're a big fan of the creamsicle flavor, then this drink might be intriguing, but really, you're better off just eating a regular creamsicle and sticking to regular Coke. Combining the two flavors just doesn't work.

10. Coke With Coffee

For the most part, when people need something to wake them up and help get their day started, they reach for a cup of coffee. Lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, Americanos — whatever your preference, there are plenty of types of coffee drinks to choose from these days. But not everyone loves coffee or wants to drink a ton of it. In fact, some people might actually prefer the taste of Coca-Cola to start their day. And that's where Coca-Cola's product, Coke with Coffee, comes in.

The drink was released in 2020, and it was kind of intense. As one review stated, it was a lot to take in. "The flavor was pretty intense upon first sip but then lessened a bit the more I guzzled down. This may not be the best drink to wash down a burger and fries because of the flavor mashup," the review stated. Additionally, the reviewer added that it's probably not going to satisfy any craving. So really, what's the point? This drink is just a weird combination of flavors, and really one of Coke's worst offerings.

9. Diet Coke

If there's one joke about Coca-Cola that will likely always ring true, it's that their Diet Coke has a bit of a cult following. From housewives to presidents, CEOs to college students, people love Diet Coke. Hardcore fans of the soda will even tell you that certain fast-food restaurants have superior Diet Coke compared to other establishments. But while people may love Diet Coke, does that mean it's actually good? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Some reviewers rave about the drink. "Diet Coke is my go to soda! The taste is always fresh and bubbly, really quenches my thirst!!" one wrote. But others are more skeptical. "I am not a big fan of diet coke because of the taste. I understand it has no sugar and it's supposed to be better than other sugary sodas but I can't get past the flat taste of it," another added. And honestly, the skeptics have it. Diet Coke has a very strong aspartame taste that gives it a completely different flavor than regular Coke, and honestly, it's just not all that great. Even if you're looking for a no-calorie alternative to soda, there are better options than Diet Coke.

8. Coca-Cola Energy

Much like the Coke with Coffee experiment, Coca-Cola decided they needed to try to combine their signature beverage with yet another caffeinated drink, the energy drink. The creation was supposed to be a Coke-flavored energy drink which would pack more of a punch than your standard soda, but still taste like a soda. Unfortunately, the experiment failed and became one of Coca-Cola's worst flavors.

A review of the Coca-Cola Energy drink made it clear that the beverage was far from the brand's best work. "While that chemical sweetness is bearable in the regular Coca-Cola Energy, it has no classic Coke taste, leaving you nothing flavor-wise to relate it to Coca-Cola," it explained. Basically, Coca-Cola Energry doesn't even taste like a Coke, so what's the point? You could try any other energy drink with a less chemical aftertaste, and not waste your time with a Coke Energy drink that doesn't even taste like a Coke.

7. Coke Zero Sugar

In the world of sodas, there are plenty of calorie-free options out there. And while they might not still be all that healthy overall, if you're trying not to drink all your calories, then they're a great alternative. And for Coca-Cola products, while Diet Coke might remain more popular and easier to find at restaurants or on the go, Coke Zero is actually a lot better tasting. Seriously, if you want a zero calorie Coke, then try this one out.

As one reviewer said, there's a stark difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke. "Once you've had Coke Zero, regular Diet Coke is gonna taste like poop to you. That's the only downside. Well, that and whatever health negatives come from drinking sodas of any kind. Anyway I'm screwed because I'm addicted to Coke Zero," they wrote. While Diet Coke has a distinct taste to it, Coke Zero comes a lot closer to the taste of regular Coke, just without all the calories. It's still not the best, just because it is calorie-free, but it's not bad!

6. Coke Zero Cherry

Moving along the list of flavors from Coca-Cola, perhaps the most middle-ground option is Coke Zero Cherry. The calorie-free Coke option is ranked higher than its original, plain counterpart for a few reasons. First of all, the cherry flavor helps mask any flavor you might not like from the artificial sweeteners in the drink, but that's not all. Additionally, the drink is one of the brand's best diet options, and it's pretty easy to find at most stores, unlike a lot of other options you really have to look hard for.

But don't just trust this review. Online reviews of the drink are pretty complimentary as well. "This tastes pretty close to regular Cherry Coke. It has both the coke taste and the added cherry flavoring," one reviewer wrote, adding: "The only downfall would be that it doesn't really offer the back of the throat sting that I look for in a soft drink. I would buy this again due to the taste." Basically, the Cherry Coke Zero is a great diet option, but it's still not the best.

5. Lime Diet Coke

There's no denying the fact that Coca-Cola likes to get pretty creative with new flavors and combinations that they release, and the Lime Diet Coke is no exception.

Most people seem to really enjoy the Lime Diet Coke, with reviews stating that the flavor combination works really well together. "I really like the diet coke with lime. Since diet coke always has an aftertaste, this one tastes better and lessens the aftertaste," one reviewer wrote. However, not everyone is a fan. "I would rather squeeze a fresh lime into a Diet Coke. It would have more of a lime flavor that way. If given a choice between this and a plain Diet Coke, I'd choose the plain one," another added. So really, whether or not you'll actually like this Coke flavor just depends on your own preferences. That aside, it's safe to say it's one of Coke's better flavors, and in terms of calorie-free options, this might just reign supreme.

4. Cherry-Vanilla Coke

In terms of flavor combinations that Coca-Cola has come out with, Cherry and Vanilla are probably the most popular on their own. But when Coke combined the two to create the Cherry-Vanilla Coke, it worked out pretty well. At least for a lot of people, anyways.

Most people are pretty in love with the Cherry-Vanilla Coke. "I am obsessed with Cherry Vanilla Coke. This has a great smooth flavor. You can taste both the cherry and vanilla flavors. It is a fun treat when you want to reward yourself. I would definitely buy again and wish it was sold in more places," one reviewer wrote. However, it's not for everyone. Another reviewer added that the drink was actually pretty gross to them. "It tastes like a children's cough medicine with flavor added to try and disguise the medicine flavor, and failed," they explained. So, while the drink is pretty sweet and tasty with plenty of flavor, it's still not for everyone. And since Coke has more flavors that are better and more popular, this one doesn't quite top the list.

3. Classic Coca-Cola

There's just something about a classic Coca-Cola, isn't there? The drink has been around for over one hundred years, literally, and there's a reason it hasn't gone anywhere. A regular Coke might seem simple or plain, but it's still packed full of flavor, there are no artificial sweeteners like with Diet Coke to ruin the taste, and it's perfectly fizzy that it almost burns your throat as you're swallowing it — in a good way.

An ice-cold Coca-Cola honestly goes perfectly with just about anything. Seeing a movie in the movie theater? Order a Coke. Eating tacos? Order a Coke. On a road trip? Get a Coke. Coca-Cola is a true classic, and even though it's pretty perfect in every way, it's still not the absolute best Coke flavor. Yes, it's iconic and delicious, but Coke has come out with a couple other variations of their classic drink that only made it better.

2. Vanilla Coke

Pretty much every flavor that Coca-Cola puts out has the potential to be great, although most of them are never as good as the original. But the Vanilla Coke takes the classic flavor of Coca-Cola and adds some extra creaminess. The result is seriously delicious, and something that any fan of regular Coke will definitely enjoy. While Vanilla Coke might be a little too sweet for some people, most consumers agree that it's easily one of Coke's best flavors.

"I am not, I repeat, NOT a soda drinker, but Coca-Cola Vanilla is one of the ONLY soda's, when I see, I get. When it first came out, I was seriously in love," one reviewer wrote. "It's like an ice cream float in a can!! Love it!! It's very tasteful without an after taste. It's nice and creamy!!!" another described. Clearly, this flavor of Coke is really good, and if you've never tried it, then you're missing out.

1. Cherry Coke

Finally, the absolute creme-de-la-creme of Coke flavors is without a doubt, Cherry Coke. Coca-Cola really nailed it with this flavor, and the combination of classic Coke with the sweet and tart flavor of cherry is totally one-of-a-kind. Try as they might, no other competitor can even begin to compare with Cherry Coke. The drink is practically perfect in so many ways. It's smooth, flavorful, sweet without being too sweet, and the carbonation brings out the cherry flavor really well, too.

Reviewers agree that Cherry Coke is probably the best Coke out there. "It has a smooth cherry flavor added with a regular coke taste; this blend was actually a good choice for Coca-Cola. I really love the aroma scent. Highly recommend," one wrote. "This is so crisp! Has a great cherry flavor and puts a smile on my face," another added. So, if you're looking for the ultimate Coke flavor, then this is it. Cherry Coke is the best of the best, no doubt about it.