Martha Stewart's Brioche Bread Pudding Has A Zesty Twist

Whether you're hitting the dessert table at a holiday party or opening the brunch menu at a five-star restaurant, there's a good chance you'll find bread pudding. The unique dessert has been around for hundreds of years — according to many reports, it was first invented during the Middle Ages in the early 11th century (via Grub Americana). What began as a budget-friendly way to use up stale bread (and avoid letting it go to waste) has turned into a highly coveted and highly requested treat for many Americans.

While bread pudding traditionally consists of hunks of stale bread mixed with custard (via My Recipes), there are a ton of different variations on the dish. You can use almost any kind of bread, from French bread to challah, and add in any toppings your heart desires, including dried fruit, chocolate chips, or nuts. While many bread puddings are sweet, there's even savory bread pudding, for those who prefer a little salt and space. Martha Stewart also has her own recipe for bread pudding, which she recently shared on Instagram. Here's what makes the domestic goddess' version different in the best way.

Martha adds orange zest to her bread pudding

While you might think Martha Stewart's recipe for bread pudding would be complicated and made for a professional chef, it's anything but. In fact, her go-to recipe is so easy, it can fit in an Instagram caption. Martha posted the full recipe — along with a drool-worthy photo of the final dish — on her Instagram and fans were all about it. "Get the coffee ready, I'm coming!" one person commented.

Martha uses the traditional ingredients (like cubes of brioche bread, dried fruit, eggs, heavy cream, and sugar) but she also throws in a few others for extra flair. Martha's secret ingredients? Along with a splash of cognac, she mixes in orange zest and juice to add a bit of acidity to cut through the sweetness. That's not all — she also sprinkles on sparkle sugar "for looks," she says. 

She's not the only famous chef who understands the value of adding citrus into bread pudding. Trisha Yearwood also swears by her own chocolate orange bread pudding, which she shared on The Food Network.