Reddit Is Jealous Of The Donuts At This Dunkin' In Germany

Remember when you were a kid and company came over and suddenly mealtimes underwent a serious upgrade? Instead of beanie-weenies from a can, you'd be eating something fancy like fettucine alfredo instead. Who knew Dunkin' Donuts would pull the same trick? Here in the chain's native land, we get your standard variety of donuts: glazed, frosted, sprinkles, jelly, etc.. Sure, they change things up now and then with limited edition donuts, like Halloween 2020's ghost pepper, but that's nothing compared to what they have for their international locations. Korea has kimchi donuts, while in Thailand, pandan custard donuts are on the menu. In China, savory donuts topped with pork floss are super popular.

Okay, so not all of these donuts sound like the perfect accompaniment to a morning cup of coffee, but that's not the case with the ones offered in Dunkin's European locations. In the Netherlands, they get to enjoy amazing-sounding chocolate/orange Munchkins as well as Munchkins rolled in chopped hazelnuts. In Germany, even the standard everyday Dunkin' menu features a nougat crème donut as well as not one, but two, Nutella-fllled donuts (variant #2 has Nutella frosting, as well). And in case you're wondering, they do have Bavarian crème in Bavaria, and no, they don't change the name to a more exotic-sounding Pittsburgh crème or Cincinnati crème instead. The main menu doesn't tell the whole story, though, as one Redditor found on a recent trip to a Stuttgart DD.

Dunkin's German donuts are a feast for the eyes

While the donuts on the bottom row of the pic posted to Reddit look similar to what you'd find here — chocolate-frosted, frosted with sprinkles, frosted with a smiley face –- the ones on the top look like something you'd only see at a fancy European-style bakery. They included a cookie-topped Macaron Deluxe Donut, a green-frosted, nut-topped pistachio donut adorned with white chocolate logs, and a donut featuring one of Kinder's Happy Hippo cookies along with Milka hearts and mini M&M-type candies. There was also something called a Schokoüberraschung Deluxe Donut (Google Translate says the German word means chocolate surprise), the surprise being a Milka chocolate heart inside a candy shell.

The pic had Redditors pistachio-green with envy, wishing they, too, had access to such delicious-looking donuts. As one person put it, "These look so good! I wish we had these available in the US." Another agreed, saying "It's funny that the non American Dunkin's are so much nicer," to which yet another person replied "Right? I'm in the home state of Dunkin, and we have none of that." As one social critic commented, "This is the trend with pretty much every chain; Americans will eat crap that would be unsellable in other places." But do those Stuttgart donuts look as good as they taste? We may never know, as the OP admitted "I was so full or I would have tried the hippo or Kinder surprise one."