Aldi Shoppers Can't Wait To Grab These Cute Pop Art Candles

Many know Aldi as the premier destination for affordable groceries, but the chain has so much more to offer than cheap eggs and low-priced wine. The German grocer also stocks its shelves with an array of household goods that, just like its famous Red Bag Chicken, have amassed a sizeable group of fans.

One item that seems to always have Aldi shoppers talking is its line of soy blend candles, which many say compare to those from another popular retailer. "Aldi candles aka Huntington Home are Bath and Body Works candles without the price tag!" Aisle of Shame writes on their blog, noting that the grocer's 14 oz., 3-wick candles compare in size, quality, and scent to the ones sold at B&BW for less than a quarter of the price. Therefore, when Aldi releases new versions of this 2021 Fan Favorite product (via Aldi's website), it should come as no surprise that shoppers really pay attention.

Recently, Aldi fan Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds alerted its followers of a unique addition to the highly popular Huntington Home Candle line: pop art candles, which they spotted at their local store, despite not seeing them featured in the grocer's current ad. "Let me know if you will be adding these to your candle collection," the Instagrammer said in a post on January 12 that also included several photos of the scent blasters. Based on their followers' responses, it seems like many Aldi shoppers plan on doing exactly that.

Even non-candle fans are loving Aldi's new pop art-inspired housewares

Aldi's Huntington Home Candles are raved about by many shoppers for their amazing quality and affordable prices. The newest additions to the highly-coveted line are no different, though they have the added bonus of coming with cute, pop art designs. Per an Instagram post by Aldi fan Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds, the grocer's new pop art soy blend scented candles come in four different styles inspired by the 1960s art movement that was most notably popularized by American artist Andy Warhol (via

Shoppers certainly seem excited about the chain's latest product drop, as evidenced by the 1,400-plus likes on @aldifavoritefinds post as of publishing. In addition, several followers have also taken to the comments section to share their thoughts. "Those pop art candles are so stinking cute!!" commented one person while another said the designs were "hilarious." The new goods have even intrigued Aldi shoppers that don't consider themselves candle enthusiasts, like one who said, "Alright I'm not crazy about candles but omg I need these! So cute! Love them."

Unfortunately, @aldifavoritefinds was unable to determine the exact scent of each candle. However, based on how much Aldi shoppers have raved about the housewares in the past, we don't doubt that their aromas will be adored just as much as their unique designs.