Whataburger's Newest Condiment Adds A Kick To Its Fancy Ketchup Recipe

If you love spicy food, this is a great time to visit a few fast food chains. Although you might not associate fast food with hot and peppery heat, Arby's recently launched a burger that's so spicy, they're offering a free vanilla shake with each order. Over the summer, Wendy's launched a sauce with ghost pepper and ranch, and the next fast food chain to roll out a spicy condiment is Whataburger. Get ready for the chain's spicier Fancy Ketchup!

According to Spectrum News Local, this isn't the first time that Whataburger has released a spicy twist on ketchup. In 2012, Whataburger debuted a limited batch of Spicy Ketchup, so this new version is called Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch #2. Like the name suggests, this condiment won't be around long, so if you want to try it for yourself, don't wait. And while you're at Whataburger to try the new spicy ketchup, don't forget to see if that location has the beloved Dr. Pepper Shake.

How spicy is Whataburger's new Fancy Ketchup?

Spectrum Local News says that Fancy Ketchup #2 is made with arbol peppers, piquin peppers, and other spices. Masterclass reports that on the Scoville Scale, arbol peppers sit at 15,000-30,000, and this means that you should expect some heat, but they're not as spicy as cayenne peppers. But piquin peppers are spicier than arbol peppers, coming in at about 12 times spicier than jalapeños, according to Pepper Scale.

This new spicier version of Fancy Ketchup is available at Whataburger locations in Texas, according to KWTX. If you're in Texas and looking to see whether you can handle the heat, then be sure to check this out before the ketchup is off the menu, since it's only available for a limited time. 

If you aren't in Texas, there's still plenty of food to explore for those who can't get enough of all things spicy. Learn more about the spiciest foods in the world or whip up one of these recipes that hit the spot when you want something spicy.