Instagram Is Loving Bobby Flay's Cats Watching Their 'Dad' On Today

If you were to describe Bobby Flay to someone that had never seen him on TV, you might say he's a hyper-competitive chef that is always battling against the best culinary stars in the world, and it's low-key annoying how many times he wins. This description is pretty accurate, but it leaves out a large part of Bobby Flay's identity — that is, of him being a cat dad. That's right, the acclaimed celebrity chef loves his two kitties, Nacho and Stella, and he shares that love often on social media.

According to a throwback post on Nacho Flay's official Instagram account, the star chef has been a cat lover since he was a kid and his brood has become part of his growing brand in recent years. Nacho Flay, an Orange Maine Coon cat, has even amassed his own large presence on social media (Stella Flay is new to the cat-fluencer game), with more than 244,000 followers. His popularity helps sell his brand of cat food, Made by Nacho, co-founded with his dad course. Nacho has also built out his own personal brand with culturally relevant Instagram posts, like some recent commentary on the New Year's resolution battle between Ina Garten and Reese Witherspoon. At this point, Nacho doesn't even need his human Bobby Flay to be successful, but he does watch the chef on TV every once in a while — possibly to take notes for when he finally gets his own show?

Nacho takes notes, while Stella turns her back when dad is on TV

It's clear from Bobby Flay's recent Instagram post that Nacho is out to steal the spotlight, while Stella is more comfortable living a low-key cat life. After all, Stella seems a bit more shy, with only a few posts to date on her Instagram and 5,000 followers. Knowing the cats' respective personalities, however, it's no surprise that Flay's recent post shows Nacho fully engaged with his dad's segment on "The Today Show," while Stella was seen zoning out. Fans of Flay and even his colleagues loved seeing his kitties in this snapshot, like fellow Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli who commented on the post, "BEYOND cute." And another follower added, "My cat also likes to watch your show!!!"

Though, some of the comments were dominated by people questioning Stella's admiration for her dad. One person said, "So cute! Nacho is like 'that's my dad!' Stella looks like 'where's my pasta?'" Fellow Food Network chef Sunny Anderson also chimed in on the debate with, "Ummm actually, Stella is in silent protest with her back to you, she ain't watchin ... you need to show her more love, mmkay? We have room on Rescue Mountain," she said, referring to her own abundance of rescue animals. Now that Nacho has paid close attention to his dad's performance, we look forward to seeing his must-be-coming-soon segment on "The Today Show," either alongside his dad or replacing him.