Bobby Flay's Easy Recipe Makes Rice In A Snap

It's no secret that Bobby Flay has a close relationship with his daughter, Sophie, who frequently posts about their adventures on Instagram. The two also host a podcast called "Always Hungry" in which they chat about all things food — and Bobby even teaches Sophie a thing or two in the kitchen. The duo's most recent episode, entitled "Rice Around the World," takes a look at various types of the staple grain served in different cultures. 

Sophie shares her rice-making experiences, including a failed attempt to cook it in the oven, and Bobby offers an easy recipe for Sophie — and all of us — to use the next time we're cooking. But first, Bobby offered a tried-and-true method for crispy rice that also sounds delicious and that he says is a secret weapon in many competition shows. The crispy coconut and scallion rice with cilantro and lime zest includes cooking the grain in coconut milk, then lying it on a sheet pan before adding to a cast iron pan to be crisped with oil. Sounds pretty yum if we may say so ourselves.

Bobby Flay's rice recipe is easy peasy - and makes it taste great

Further on in the latest "Always Hungry" episode, Bobby Flay went on to share his simpler rice recipe that's so easy, just about anyone can make it for dinner on any given night. Flay recommends first sautéing onions and garlic, then pouring one cup of uncooked rice on top. Next, you'll add almost two cups of liquid, which might be a chicken or shrimp stock, or just plain old water. Bring the mixture to a boil, cover and simmer for 15 minutes, remove from the stove, and leave the rice covered for an additional five minutes, after which you'll use a fork to fluff it. Finally, Flay says that, when you remove the rice from the pan, spread it across a sheet pan in one nice, even layer, so that the rice cooks evenly. And, voila! You've got an easy, stress-free rice dish!

Can't get enough of the Bobby and Sophie dynamic? Well, you're in luck, as the pair will be releasing their collaborative cookbook in October, which includes some of Sophie's favorite childhood family recipes (via Penguin Random House).