Fans Are Loving This Protective Alex Vs America Moment

Many of us love cooking competition shows, but sometimes, the kitchens being filmed in look downright dangerous. Not only are the competing chefs always moving around at impressive speed (often while holding knives), but there are also tons of people surrounding them, from fellow participants and judges to the camera people trying to capture all the action. "Chopped," for instance, has seen a number of participants injured, from knife cuts to grease fire burns (via Food Network). Even Bobby Flay, an expert chef, has been injured on televised cooking competitions, too — he once cut himself and was even electrocuted on the set of "Iron Chef."

Alex Guarnaschelli has competed on television countless times as well, so she knows firsthand how dangerous it can be. In fact, her quick thinking recently may have saved a camera operator on the set of her new show "Alex vs. America" from being burned by hot water, and what she did to protect him was so second nature, fans noticed her heroic actions. First, one fan Tweeted out, "It's cool to watch a chef of Alex's caliber be equally gracious and competitive ..." to which another replied, "Right?! @guarnaschelli Mama-bearing the camera operator so they don't get splashed by boiling water" (via Twitter). But, when Guarnaschelli read the exchange, she was surprised people even noticed.

Guarnaschelli was surprised by her own actions

Alex Guarnaschelli, responding to her fans, said "Did I???" followed by a crying laughing emoji and a heart emoji. Other fans were quick to jump in, confirming that they had noticed the chef's heroic act as well. "I totally rewinded and watched that like three times," shared one Twitter user, while another said, "I noticed that too haha."

This sort of care is one of the reasons why fans – and other chefs – seem to love Guarnaschelli so much. She's passionate about being a mom, and often posts about her daughter Ava. She's also welcomed fans into her personal life, sharing throwback photos of herself in high school, as well as pictures of herself and colleagues in some of her early days on the set of "Chopped." From her selfless protection of the crew on the set of "Alex vs. America" to the way she opens up to fans, it's easy to see why Guarnaschelli has such a following.