Instagram Is Swooning Over Ree Drummond's Sweet Valentine's Day Post

Some people might dream of a love story like the one Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd share. The Pioneer Woman met her future husband during a chance encounter at a bar. The two fell head over heels for each other, tying the knot in 1996 (via The Pioneer Woman blog). More than 25 years later, the couple is still married, serving as the owners to several businesses and a gorgeous ranch home, in addition to being the parents of five humans and many pets. 

Clearly, Drummond doesn't shy away from giving the world a glimpse into her and Ladd's life together and reminding everyone of just how in love they are to this day. And while her blog and Instagram account are well-populated with photo memories marking big milestones like their wedding anniversary, there are also posts documenting the simple moments in their marriage, like laughing together or Ree getting Ladd out of an icy jam

This past Sunday, Ree published a sweet Instagram post dedicated to her and Ladd's love just in time for Valentine's Day. The photo really speaks for itself: The Pioneer Woman and her "Marlboro Man" holding each other in a tight, loving embrace while standing in their kitchen. Of course, in true Drummond fashion, there's a touch of silliness involved in the pic, courtesy of the couple's daughter Paige photo bombing in the background. But nevertheless, the lovers are clearly the focus. "My Valentine! (and Paige)" the star captioned the photo.

Fans think the Drummonds are marriage goals

Based on the reactions to Drummond's Instagram post, it seems that love might be contagious since thousands of fans flocked to the comments to gush over the lovebirds. "Pure sweetness!" wrote one user. "Good hug! Y'all fit together perfectly," remarked another. The Drummonds' daughter Alex even chimed in, calling her parents "cuties." Others expressed how admirable it was to see the pair looking so blissfully in love and unafraid to show it after 25 years together. "It is so good to see a happy marriage," pointed out one fan. "Your marriage is in the GOAT category!" added another.

While there's probably some unwritten romance that requires people to feel giddy about witnessing such a happy-looking couple, this year's Valentine's Day might feel especially meaningful. As People points out, it's the first one the couple celebrated after Ladd survived a dangerous vehicle accident on the Drummond ranch last March. The rancher has since recovered from his injuries. But considering how much the couple went through this past year, fans might find it very inspiring to see them in such a happy moment.