St. Patrick's Day 2022: Where To Get The Best Food Freebies And Deals

St. Patrick's Day falls on a Thursday this year, which is perhaps a bit of a bummer for anyone planning a big-league boozefest. Then again, such bacchanalia might not be the most appropriate way to celebrate what is, after all, a saint's day. No matter how saintly the late Patrick may have been, though, we're guessing he was not one to begrudge anyone observing his namesake day with a few extra treats (green-tinted or otherwise).

As the Irish — and honorary Irish (a group that includes everybody on St. Patrick's Day) — no doubt appreciate a good deal, several businesses are offering special promotions for the holiday. Here's a roundup of all the food-related ones we've been able to find, all of them available on March 17, with some running just a wee bit longer. Even if you're not all about the wearing of the green, surely you won't object to the saving of some green, right?

1. Applebee's

While Applebee's was kind of aiming for a more family-friendly image with their ad campaign revolving around TikTok dances and oreo shakes, the fact is, it's the infamous Dollarita that brought them back from the brink of extinction (watered-down though it may be). No surprise, then, to find that their St. Patrick's Day specials also involve cheap booze. Through March 27, 2022 they are offering "Saintly Sips" for $5, including a Tipsy Leprechaun (Jameson whiskey with melon liqueur, blue curacao, sour mix, and soda) and a Pot O'Gold Colada (a mango piña colada made with Captain Morgan rum).

If you need something to eat along with these cocktails, Applebee's does have a few food deals running through March 22. Buy any burger and you can get 5 boneless wings for a buck. A similar deal featuring the plant-based Impossible Burger is also available.

2. Del Taco

On March 17 only, Del Taco is actually offering a true freebie in honor of St. Paddy's Day, but as with so many of the best things in life, there are a few strings attached. What you get for free is an order of guac -– because green! -– but you only get it if you place an order. What's more, you can't just walk in and say "guac me," since you've got to a) be a Del Yeah! Rewards member (it's free to join, of course, this isn't Costco) and b) order in the app.

3. Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

With a name like Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, you can probably guess that this chain doesn't specialize in soda bread or corned beef and cabbage. Nor do they even offer the corned beef-based (though totally un-Irish) Reuben on their menu. They do, however, offer another deli classic, the pastrami (or, as they call it, Capastrami) sandwich. Who cares if it's traditional St. Patrick's Day fare or not? The Capastrami looks delicious, and on March 17 it's on sale for $3 off.

4. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a chain that apparently takes its name not from the unsettling TV series, but from a not-so-subtle double entendre -– those "peaks" could refer either to mountains (their décor is meant to emulate a rustic lodge) or else to their, er, well-endowed wait staff (think Hooters in plaid flannel). If that sounds like the kind of place you'll want to fête Ireland's patron saint, here's a bit of good news: You can green up your table for free! Every dine-in order of $20 or more earns you free fried pickles.

5. Vita Coco

While March 17 may be a day when tons of people dress verdantly, quite a few will choose to celebrate by downing copious amounts of green cocktails and green beer. While nutritionists and dietitians like to advocate for incorporating more greens into our diets, somehow we doubt that this is what they have in mind. Vita Coco, however, claim to have a solution for any repercussions from over-imbibing come March 18their electrolyte-packed coconut water. If you order Vita Coco Pressed coconut water online directly via their website on March 17, the company is offering a 17% discount for that day and through the weekend.

If you're really expecting to take a significant hit, however, you may want to sign up for Vita Coco's Hangover Subscription service. This is something they offer for eight holidays per year — the others being Super Bowl Sunday, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year's Eve. Each delivery consists of a 12-pack of coconut water and your choice of an eye mask, stone roller, or sweat towel, plus a cheeky interactive audio experience they call the Coconut Hangover Alleviation Device (C.H.A.D.). 

6. Wing Zone

So many chicken wings get eaten on Super Bowl Sunday, they're basically the football championship game's official food. But there's no rule against passing up the corned beef and cabbage in lieu of this longstanding favorite finger food on St. Patrick's Day. Starting on March 17 and running through March 20, Wing Zone is observing the holiday by offering 10 wings, fries, and sauce for $12. Sorry, traditional wing fans, this deal applies only to the boneless ones.