How Costco Shoppers Are Reacting To These Buffalo Chicken Chips

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If you're one of the 111 million people with a Costco membership, you're well aware of the vast amount of snacks available at the retailer. There are tons to choose from in the chip department alone — not even including potato chips. Some of the non-potato-based snack highlights in 2021 included the keto-friendly almond flour tortilla chips, which shoppers said taste just like Doritos, and the churro chips, which are grain-free and coated in cinnamon sugar. There were even the organic everything bagel chips that people rave are as good on their own as they are smeared with cream cheese or served on a charcuterie board.

Now, there's a new addition to the chip aisle at Costco, according to Instagram. People on social media are freaking out about the release of Wilde Buffalo chicken chips which, as the name suggests, are made from chicken breast. Here's what you need to know about the interesting snack, including their nutritional content and why Costco fans are so excited to try them.

Wilde Buffalo chicken chips are high in protein

An Instagram post by Costco fan account @costco_doesitagain revealed that Wilde Buffalo chicken chips are coming to Costco. According to the brand, the keto-approved chips are made from all-natural white meat chicken breast and tapioca starch and are gluten- and grain-free. Each serving of the low-carb snack contains a hefty 10 grams of protein and zero sugar. 

Many people who have already gotten to try Wilde chips have given them rave reviews. "They kind of have the crisp of a Pringle," one Instagram commenter described. "So yummy!" Another reviewer on Amazon said, "The buffalo chips are like eating chicken wings, you can even dip them in ranch or blue dressing. They have just the right amount of heat and are crunchy and delicious."

If you want to snag a bag for yourself, the original poster noted that the Buffalo chicken chips are currently only available at Costco locations in San Diego, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. However, you can also order Wilde chips on Amazon, or find them at a variety of other grocery stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts, and The Fresh Market.