The Reason Fans Are Disappointed With Aldi's Frozen Carrot Blend

Aldi shoppers are coming together on Reddit to discuss their disappointment in a specific veggie product. After a user of the platform shared a post titled, "Expectation vs Reality – automatic carrot blend edition," and included a photo of a pan filled with carrots, in addition to the bag the vegetables came in, many couldn't believe how different the product looked from the image on the package.

The carrots were part of the "Bourbon Glazed, Autumn Carrot Blend," which is made up of "Earthy Carrots and Parsnips in a Brown Sugar Bourbon Glaze."

In the past, Aldi has been seen doing a lot of its frozen foods well. From vegetable root fries to a teriyaki stir fry, there seems to be something for everyone. However, people have had issues with other vegetable products in the past, such as its asparagus spears, which people have called, "slimy" and unappetizing. Likewise, people are not loving how this frozen carrot blend cooks.

The size on the Aldi package is misleading to some

"Why do these look huge on the package and in my cast iron skillet they are like tiny shredded hash browns?" the Reddit user asked in the caption of their photo.

After taking a closer look at the picture, viewers could definitely see that there is a size difference between the photo on the package and the carrots on the stove. Other users commented that they noticed the difference as well. "Very misleading packaging," someone wrote. Another user also noted the smaller size of the actual product, but admitted that the taste still delivered, saying, "They are match stick carrots. On a positive note, there is more surface area for the glaze. They tasted great!."

However, a total of 36 people upvoted the original post, and the original poster commented in a follow-up. "After cooking them and they shrank down even more, I'm very disappointed," they added. Despite being full in flavor, the carrots were way smaller than many customers expected, leaving them in dismay.