Twitter Is Excited For The Official Princess Bride Cookbook

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In this day and age of readily-available online recipes, there has to be a darn good reason to shell out $20-30 for an actual hardcover cookbook. One popular idea for a would-be cookbook writer is to create recipes inspired by a particular popular movie or TV show. 

Some themed cookbooks in recent years have been aimed at fans of the TV shows "Friends" and "Schitt's Creek," as well as Jane Austen readers. Movie cookbooks are also a thing, including one inspired by horror films and another for the "The Nightmare Before Christmas." 

Another movie cookbook is set for release soon — well, maybe not that soon, unless you consider Christmas to be right around the corner — but "The Princess Bride: The Official Cookbook" is already available for preorder on Amazon well ahead of its December 6 release date. While this may be the official "Princess Bride" cookbook, it's not the only one. There's also an unofficial one set to release in September via Amazon, as well as a few more specialized ones (low-sodium recipes, 30-minute recipes, etc.) already in print (via Amazon). 

Still, anything designated "official" often generates some buzz, and this cookbook is no exception. It's already got some social media users all a-Twitter.

People are having fun with possible 'Princess Bride' recipes

Pop culture website Nerdist tweeted about the upcoming cookbook — which celeb chef Alex Guarnaschelli re-tweeted, as did a number of other less-famous folks — and more Twitter users responded in typical fashion. While the more than 100 likes the tweet garnered indicate that fans are pretty into the idea, most of the comments consisted of reaction gifs and clever one-liners that didn't indicate any intent to actually purchase the book.

One pitfall this book may face is that, as one person pointed out on Twitter, "I don't remember a lot of eating in that film." Still, with many such cookbooks, the foods or recipes don't always appear in the actual movie, book, or show, but instead sometimes have thematically-appropriate names or ideas. 

We do not have enough information yet about "The Princess Bride: The Official Cookbook" to know how well the actual recipes relate to the movie, but a handful of names — among them "Chips of Insanity," "Fezzik's Stew," and "Bread Pirate Roberts" — are noted on its Amazon page. The book's author, Jenn Fujikawa, has previously written cookbooks based on "I Love Lucy," "Parks and Recreation," and "Star Wars" (via Amazon). A few Twitter users have recipe suggestions for her, such as "perfect chicken breasts" and "R.O.U.Scargot."