The Foods Alex Guarnaschelli Craved When She Was Pregnant

With the help of social media, plenty of everyday people and celebrities alike have been able to share their cravings during pregnancy. Ree Drummond craved fast food from McDonald's during her first pregnancy. And Rihanna's latest pregnancy craving is super relatable. While the superstar mom-to-be didn't have the typical yearning for junk food or some outlandish food pairing, plenty of fans found that just like Rihanna, they enjoyed tangerines with salt. On the other hand, TikTok criticized one user's video of a particular chicken bake made in response to a pregnancy craving.

But Food Network chef Alex Guarnaschelli had a mostly positive response to her recently posted TikTok, in which she answered a question about her pregnancy craving. In the video, Guarnaschelli explains that she craved croissants, watermelon, and fried clams with tartar sauce when she was pregnant with her daughter, Ava. She goes on to list her full roster of cravings in the caption, and it turns out that Guarnaschelli also couldn't get enough of rice, vanilla ice cream, butter cookies, and grapefruit. But the one thing she couldn't stand? Chicken.

What did fans think about Alex Guarnaschelli's cravings?

TikTok responded the most to Guarnaschelli's watermelon craving, and it appears that plenty of commenters also craved watermelon during their pregnancies. One was lucky enough to have freshly grown watermelon and didn't even need to venture to the store. In the comments section of the TikTok, this person wrote, "I ate soooo much watermelon when I was pregnant! My husbands grandpa had them in his garden and I would waddle out and pick 1 or 2 each week."

Other TikTok users enjoyed watermelon in various forms. One commenter wrote, "Yes to the watermelon!! If I was lucky I could find watermelon Italian ice!!" Someone else wrote about what their mother craved during pregnancy, recounting, "my mom craved watermelon with peanut butter." Sounds like one of those unconventional pregnancy cravings, like Beyoncé's vanilla ice cream and chili sauce.

At the end of the video, Guarnaschelli explains that she ate fried clams and tartar sauce, which her doctor said to avoid. While we recommend listening to your doctor, it looks like one TikTok user found this relatable, admitting, "I would have ignored that advice from the doctor, too." Such is the allure of fried seafood.