Ree Drummond Craved This Fast Food During Her First Pregnancy

Food blogger and well-known TV personality Ree Drummond has never shied away from sharing her likes and dislikes with her fans. According to Delish, Drummond really loves snacking. Her-all time favorite pick? Quesadillas. She said that she cooks quesadillas in several ways and does not restrict herself to one option. "I'll make breakfast ones with sauteed peppers, cheese and scrambled eggs. I'll wrap them in foil and hand them to people, or I'll make homemade granola bars," she explained.

When it comes to ordering in, the one item that Drummond does call for is sushi because she's not used to making it at home. On the other hand, she never orders something like steak, a dish that's often cooked in her household. Also, per Drummond's book, "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels," the Pioneer Woman was especially interested in popular fast food items when she was pregnant with her first child (via Cheatsheet).

Ree Drummond was partial to McDonald's

McDonald's was Drummond's favorite option when she was pregnant and dealing with food cravings, according to "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" (via Cheatsheet). She would go to great lengths to get her McDonald's fix in those days. For instance, Drummond wouldn't eat breakfast before meeting her doctor and then head straight to the fast food joint for a hearty meal. Her appointments would usually be in the mornings, which meant that she was all set for lunch at McDonald's each and every time. 

Drummond recalled those days and said that it would take approximately an hour to get to the doctor and the appointment would last for thirty minutes. So, by the time it was over, she was always starving and ready for a huge meal. Drummond said, "[I was] violently hungry. McDonald's was the only thing that could satisfy." Probably a sentiment that many of us can relate to, huh? A craving for fast food can be surprisingly strong sometimes, after all!