The Bizarre Combo Beyoncé Craved While Pregnant

Pickles. Ice cream. Potato chips. Chocolate. These are just a few of the most common pregnancy cravings (via Family Education). Even though most of us would still agree that putting pickles in ice cream is a little weird, this is nothing out of the ordinary — at least in comparison to some pregnancy cravings. In a compilation of Reddit comments, Bustle shared 16 strange cravings, including tomatoes with frosting, ice cream on toast, and dirt. Yes, dirt, as in from the earth.

While most pregnant people are only subjected to the judging stares of their family and friends, celebrities don't have the same luxury. Some get lucky with more common cravings, like Kylie Jenner's craving for frozen yogurt. On the other end of the spectrum, Blake Lively craved pickles and pumpkin ice cream and Amanda Seyfried craved cottage cheese (via The Recipe). As for Beyoncé? She fell into the second category with some pretty unconventional snack combos.

Beyoncé's strange craving combos

We'll forgive her, but Beyoncé pioneered some pretty weird combos during her pregnancies — like spaghetti-sandwich-weird. The Sun, according to Cosmopolitan, reported four of the musician's most unique food combinations, with the first being Oreos and pickles. Paired together, that sounds kind of weird, but separate, we can get behind the idea. Beyoncé also enjoyed ice cream with hot chili sauce while she was pregnant. Many culinary experts claim chocolate and chili go well together, so maybe Beyoncé was actually on to something here. Another one of her cravings was croissants with melted candy bars inside. Again, we can appreciate that. Who doesn't love a croissant filled with warm chocolate?

But bananas dipped in ketchup? No matter how you spin that one, it's just bizarre. TikTok influencer @louislevanti posted a clip of him trying this combo for fun. Long story short, the banana and ketchup pairing is pretty gross, at least in their opinion. While we might never understand how Beyoncé can eat ketchup-coated bananas, one thing is for certain: Pregnant people are not to be messed with.