How To Get Your Hands On Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew

Some say nothing beats the original. But Mountain Dew has seemingly tried to out-Dew its original flavor by releasing plenty of other options over the years. For example, it has a mystery VooDew flavor that comes out each year around Halloween. The soda brand released a zero-sugar version of its fruity Mountain Dew Spark. But more recently, Mountain Dew sparked confusion with its Flamin' Hot flavor. Though the thought of drinking fire might not sound like an intuitive draw, according to Mountain Dew's chief marketing officer, Flamin' Hot sold out within an hour during the previous limited release (via PR Newswire). Now, Mountain Dew devotees will be able to buy this flavor again.

In a recent press release, Mountain Dew announced that MTN DEW FLAMIN' HOT is returning to retailers and convenience stores, where it is being sold in 12-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles. Clearly leaning into the theme, this flavor is Hell, Michigan's official drink. For a fiery and spicy drink, this seems appropriate. If you happen to be in Hell, there's going to be an event with music, a putt-putt course, and a four-course meal to celebrate the return of Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot on April 30. People who don't want to go to Hell can find the drink at locations across the country. 

What have people said about Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew?

If you're a Mountain Dew fan or a Flamin' Hot Cheetos lover, you might be curious about this flavor combo. Here's what people had to say about the drink after its first launch. A review by Elite Daily contributor Cianna Garrison claims, "After a few sips, the heat synonymous with Flamin' Hot Cheetos develops. It combines surprisingly well with the Mountain Dew flavor and reminds me of adding Tajín (chili-lime seasoning) to mango or drinking a spicy margarita." On the Mountain Dew subreddit, user kovacsaustin19 says that Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot tastes like a combination of Sierra Mist and Mountain Dew but with a bit of spice. Both reviewers ended up liking the drink.

However, not everyone enjoyed doing this Dew. Reddit user ryanlapp71 posted a photo of the soda on the Mountain Dew subreddit with the caption, "Flamin hot so terrible. It honestly is the worst mtn dew I've tasted." If you want to learn more about the other varieties, here's our ranking of Mountain Dew flavors