Every Crush Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

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As summer approaches in the northern hemisphere, the soft drink sections of grocery stores become all the busier as customers line up to purchase cool, sweet sodas for their upcoming picnics, warm-weathered celebrations, or simply because we crave a refreshingly cool and fizzy drink as June and July creep up. There's a wide range of sodas to choose from, and while some might prefer something sweet like a vanilla or orange cream soda, there are those who favor the wide variety of fruity beverages that stores have to offer. Numerous soda brands have very similar offerings in terms of fruit flavors, such as Faygo, Fanta, and the well-known Crush Soda.

Crush has offered its fruit flavored sodas since 1906, and, like its other fruity competitors, the brand has a solid lineup of soda flavors featured across the globe today. From the more commonly-known flavors like orange and pineapple, to the less popular drink flavors that Crush carries, there is something for all fizzy drink fans somewhere amongst Crush's sodas, and it might not be as easy as picking your usual favorite flavor of soda. Here's a list of Crush's popular soda flavors, ranked from worst to best, so the next time you're looking for the perfect summer day soda, you'll know what flavor to treat yourself to.

10. Limited Edition Sour Patch Kids Crush

Collaborations regarding food products always pique the interest of consumers, such as McDonald's BTS meal, or Burger King's Lucky Charms milkshake. You might be able to imagine a soda brand featuring a slushie flavor, or being added to a sweet, cold ice cream float, but it might be a little more surprising to picture a candy-flavored soda — much less a sour candy. Back in 2020, Crush featured a soda flavor that was made in collaboration with none other than the Sour Patch Kids, and paired up with the sour candy company to offer a limited edition berry flavored soda.

Crush's Sour Patch Kids Berry soda was a deep, bold blue color, and featured a blue raspberry on the graphic. Soda's are typically sweet and fizzy, so the idea of a sour soda wasn't the most appealing, and when this soda was around, many reviews on Amazon noted that they found the soda flavor to be too sour for their palettes, and that the drink itself would turn your poop blue if you drank it. Fans likely enjoyed the Crush flavored Sour Patch candies over the Sour Patch Kids Crush soda, and if this flavor ever makes a return, we won't be overly excited about having it again.

9. Crush Peach

Peach is a fruit flavor commonly found in cold beverages, from sweet ice tea, to sparkling water drinks. Peach by itself is a less flavorful fruit than a rich cherry or citrus orange drink, but those who prefer the sweet, light flavor enjoy their peach ice tea and other drinks. The fruit is common not only in beverages, but some desserts as well, so it should come as no surprise that Crush has a peach flavored soda in its line-up of fruity sodas, which is sold in a light, peach color, reminiscent of the actual fruit.

Though we weren't expecting Crush's Peach Soda flavor to taste exactly like the fruit, we were hoping for at least some semblance of peach in this drink. However, due to the extremely high levels of sugar in a single serving of this drink, it's nearly impossible to taste anything but sugar within this beverage. What little peach flavor that was there was overshadowed by the sweet sugar, as well as the fizzy nature of soda, leaving us with a decent tasting soda, but not a drink that screams "peach" to us. Fans of peachy drinks might not feel peachy after drinking this beverage, but it wasn't the worst soda that exists in the world.

8. Crush Cream Soda

If you're looking for a nice cream soda, brand names that pop up are A&W, as well as Dr. Pepper's take on the refreshing, sugary beverage. Sipping on one of these drinks should hit you with a creamy, sweet hint of vanilla ice cream, along with the fizzy tang that comes with a good soda. Crush, while it is known for its more fruity flavors, also has a cream soda offering, but it can only be purchased in the U.K. and Canada, as well as online through Amazon when the product is available. The soda comes in a bright pink can, which makes us think a bit more of bubblegum than a creamy vanilla cream soda.

Regardless of the off-putting color of the cans, the flavor of this drink wasn't awful, and tasted like your typical, store-bought soda. It isn't as flavorful as an A&W cream soda, but it passes as a drink. Because of the hassle it would be for anyone not in the U.K. or Canada to get this drink, and face a whole other barrel of problems that might come with online shipping, however, we can't place this drink any higher, and would suggest turning to other easier to acquire cream sodas, and make your ice cream floats with them, instead.

7. Crush Grape

Grape is an interesting fruit, as well as a flavor. While it is not found commonly as an ice cream or in most sweet desserts, it's a crucial fruit for wines, juices, and unsurprisingly, soda. You might not find a lot of people who will claim grape is their favorite flavor of soda over orange or cherry, but there are those who generally enjoy the rich, bold taste of a grape soda. It might not be for everyone, but those who do enjoy grapes have probably come across the purple colored, fizzy grape drink that Crush offers among all of its other fruity soda flavors.

When you open a can of fruit soda, you aren't usually expecting the drink to taste exactly like the fruit the flavor claims to be, but rather, are content with enjoying the more artificial, yet still delicious taste that most sodas have to offer. Crush's Grape Soda definitely hits all of the boxes to consider itself a great grape soda, as it tastes just as rich and sweet as any other carbonated beverage you'd find of the same flavor. If you like grape sodas, juices, and all things grape, then you'd enjoy this flavor. However, because of how controversial the flavor is in terms of taste, this flavor may only appeal to a select few, which is why we have to put it at a lower spot on this list.

6. Crush Zero Sugar Orange Soda

Generally, soda is a pretty sugar-heavy beverage, with a single can or bottle of the beverage being just, if not much more sugary than a serving of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. If you're trying to watch your sugar intake, or cut back on sweeter foods, then it may become difficult if you're someone who really enjoys ordering a cup of soda with your to-go meals, or pop open a can yourself as you make yourself dinner at home. Fortunately, a line of sugar-free and diet sodas have become all the more prevalent, and even Crush has a sugar-free variant of its well-known orange soda, that comes in the same bright orange color, and fresh look to it.

Crush's Zero Sugar Orange Soda is a wonderfully citrusy-tasting orange beverage, and while it isn't difficult to tell it apart from its regular variation, especially due to the labeling, it's still a solid orange drink. It isn't as sweet, for obvious reasons, but it's pretty close, if not a bit watered down, both in terms of flavor and sweetness. If you're looking for a solid, sugar-free beverage, then you may enjoy this drink, though we certainly know of other sugar-free sodas we found much more flavorful and enticing. Regardless, this was far from bad, and wouldn't say no to it if offered to us.

5. Crush Grapefruit

Orange isn't the only citrus flavor that is popular amongst soda lovers. Grapefruit, a tart, sweet fruit flavor, might not be as popular as a soda, and is more commonly found as a flavor for sparkling water, but is surprisingly refreshing, citrusy and makes for a great soda drink. Crush offers a Grapefruit flavored soda on its website, which features pink sliced grapefruit on the graphic and should not be confused with the watermelon flavor, which is pink, with a green logo. Like the watermelon drink, however, this Crush flavor is extremely refreshing, and we feel as though it is criminally underrated.

Crush's Grapefruit Soda is a cool, fresh, and sweet drink that manages to encapsulate both the sweet nature of a grapefruit, as well as the citrusy tartness of the fruit, as well. It is just as flavorful as some of Crush's leading flavors. While there aren't as many fans of this flavor as there are for Crush's watermelon or pineapple flavors, those who do enjoy the drink, and have purchased it on Amazon have written that, "it's the best soda ever invented by a human." Well, okay then. Even if orange or strawberry are your go-to flavors, we implore you to give Grapefruit a shot sometime, because it might surprise you with just how good the flavor is.

4. Crush Strawberry

There's nothing like a fresh strawberry lemonade to help kick off the summer season. If you're looking for a beverage that's a little less citrusy, and a bit more carbonated, a strawberry soda is perfect for not only quenching your thirst, but providing you a sweet, juicy flavor as well. You may be familiar with strawberry soda offerings from Fanta and Sunkist, which both have become fan favorites of strawberry soda fans everywhere. Because of this, it shouldn't be a shock that Crush would carry the same soda flavor, which is just as good, and just as strawberry-like as its fizzy competition.

Crush's Strawberry flavor is a juicy, red-colored soda that tastes just as delicious as the rest of its leading sodas with the sweet taste of strawberry at the forefront. While it doesn't taste exactly like a fresh strawberry, and much more like a strawberry candy-flavored beverage, we expected it from this soda, and wholeheartedly enjoyed the drink as a whole. It may stain your tongue, lips, and teeth red, but we'd argue in this case, it would be worth it to get a sip of this soda. There's nothing we can really say against this flavor of Crush, and anyone who likes strawberry soda will absolutely enjoy this drink.

3. Crush Watermelon

Watermelons are one of if not the most popular fruit to have on the Fourth of July, or any hot day of the year. Juicy, light, sweet, and perfect as a dessert or side with fresh hamburgers. Watermelon in soda might not be as fresh, but it's certainly just as good, and just as, if not more, as sweet as the actual fruit. Anyone craving a watermelon soda will most definitely adore Crush's Watermelon Soda, which takes everything we love about watermelon, and puts it in soda form.

The watermelon soda is a bright pink color, and is the perfect blend of fizziness and sweetness, and has a sweet watermelon flavor. The taste of this drink can be described as similar to a sweet watermelon candy – only in soda form. What's more, is that unlike the actual fruit, you don't have to worry about any seeds in this drink, and can just enjoy the sweet, fizzy flavor that Crush offers in a can of soda. This is one of the better flavors of Crush, and we'd never turn down a bottle of this watermelon soda.

2. Crush Pineapple

A prickly, tropical fruit that everyone has either had on their plates or watched a talking yellow sponge reside in ... it is none other than the pineapple. Pineapples are commonly found in savory recipes, desserts, and of course, fruity drinks — especially soda. The incredibly sweet flavor of the fruit pairs wonderfully with the fizzy, bubbly texture of a glass of soda, and such is the case for Crush's Pineapple Soda.

You don't have to go to the sea to get a blast of tropical vibes with this drink, which manages to encapsulate the sweet taste of pineapple perfectly. The fizziness of the soda makes up for the lack of an acidic note that the actual fruit has, and since soda is generally pretty sweet, this is the perfect flavor to take on your next getaway, or just as a quick pick-me-up on a hot summer afternoon. On Amazon, there's a good number of soda fans who adore this drink, with one reviewer claiming, "It was so good, and tasted like you were eating a fresh pineapple." If you like tropical beverages, this will definitely quench your cravings.

1. Crush Orange

At the top of the list is none other than Crush's Orange Soda. This flavor is what truly made the brand what it is today, and is comparable to Fanta with its incredible beverage lineup, and amazing orange soda. The brand even proudly claims itself as the "original orange soda" (via Crush Soda), which should signify that the brand definitely knows what it's are doing when it comes to all of its soda, but especially the orange flavored drink. While Crush has a wide variety of great sodas, there's no denying that the orange soda is the best of the best when it comes to Crush.

The soda itself is just as citrusy, fruity, and delicious as any orange flavored fruit drink that you can find on store shelves. It will stain your teeth a bit orange, and you won't be able to taste anything other than the sweet flavor of the drink for a bit after the fact, but it is more than worth it to finish a cup of the orange soda. It's also great to be used in an orange creme dessert or to bring to a pizza party. No matter the occasion, Crush's orange soda is the best that the brand has, and it was just as impossible for us not to put it at the top of this list as it is to put the drink down after you've taken your first sip.