Who Are The Actors In The Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Commercial?

Have you seen the Dr Pepper & Cream Soda commercial and wondered who the actors were? In the commercial, the duet of Lil' Sweet and The Doctor sing a spoof of the song "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. The Dr Pepper song features lyrics such as, "Two flavors making music on your lips," and "Pour it in a glass of ice," (via YouTube). The YouTube video has garnered more than 60,000 views for the duo's entertaining performance. But, who are the stars behind it?

Don't let the bowler hat or the long flowing blond hair of The Doctor fool you. Underneath that costume is clean-cut actor Will Green. Green has starred in shows such as Criminal Minds, The Middle, and NCIS (via IMDb), but he's no stranger to commercials either, starring in more than 20, ranging from AT&T to Taco Bell (via Actors Access). But this also begs the question of who plays The Doctor's miniature sidekick, Lil' Sweet?

You may know the celebrity who plays Lil' Sweet

For those who don't know, the character of Diet Dr Pepper's Lil' Sweet has been played by Justin Guarini since 2015. Yes, that Justin Guarini, the runner-up on the first season of American Idol (via USA Today). While not everyone is a fan of the character that is reminiscent of the late singer Prince, Lil' Pepper must be helping to sell some sodas if the company is keeping him around for that long. Plus, it helps that the brand has a diverse set of ads floating around out there and aren't solely relying on Green and Guarini to sell its fizzy beverages.

In a separate campaign, Dr Pepper appeals to sports fans with its Fansville commercials that chronicles sports fans' superstitions (via YouTube). If you think these commercials are wacky, think back a couple of years to Dr Pepper's CraveRider character, who would ride into scenes on a waverunner and blast folks with Dr Pepper (via Ad Age). If nothing else, they've gotten our attention, and sold some liter bottles and cans. The company, which is the oldest major soft drink company in America, has recorded increasing sales since 2010, according to Statista.