Starbucks' Secret Peach Drink: What Is It And How Do You Order It?

Another week, another Starbucks secret menu item... pity the poor baristas (also tip them, since cash speaks louder than sympathy alone). This latest addition, however, isn't some super-elaborate frappuccino, nor is it movie-themed like the recent Harley Quinn and Baby Yoda offerings. Instead, it's just a sweet, simple peachy-tasting tea drink that was created in homage to the spring that we all wish would hurry up and get here before we expire from coronavirus or excess election coverage.

The peach drink was created by Totally the Bomb, source of so many other Starbucks secret menu items and the scourge of baristas everywhere. It is said to taste exactly like one of those peach gummy ring candies, so if that's what you want in a drink, you're sure to love it — although, be warned, it's not nearly as Instagram-worthy as the fancier specialty fraps.

How to order the secret peach drink at Starbucks

It all starts with a base of Iced Black Tea Lemonade, which is to be ordered "half-sweet," or 3 pumps of liquid cane sugar. You then ask for Iced Peach Green Tea to be added to the mix and top off with a splash of soy milk.

While Starbucks' online menu does not allow for customization to this extent (you cannot mix different kinds of iced tea, for one thing), nor does the TTB recipe specify a ratio of peach to lemonade tea, a venti Iced Black Tea Lemonade with 3 pumps of sugar has 130 calories and a venti Iced Peach Green Tea with soy milk has 150. Assuming a 3/2 ratio of the former to the latter, as seemed to be the case from the TTB video showing the drink's creation, that would come out to about 135 calories for a venti peach drink. 

Pricing will vary by area, but in NYC (probably the upper end of the spectrum) the venti Iced Black Tea Lemonade costs $4.45 (peach tea is 20 cents less), while a soy shot runs 80 cents, so the most you'll pay for your peach drink will probably be $5.25.

Of course, if you want a cheaper, lower-calorie drink that is also said to taste exactly like peach candy, you won't have long to wait until Coca-Cola drops ts new AHA sparkling water. According to some taste testers, the peach + honey variety is another taste-alike for those gummy rings.