The Best Hibiscus Flavored Items You Can Get At The Store

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You probably already know hibiscus as that big, vibrant flower found all over tropical destinations, strewn across beachfront resorts, and tucked behind the ears of luau dancers (it is the state flower of Hawaii, after all). But hibiscus is just as thrilling to the palate as it is on the eyes. Holding a category 4 toxicity ranking — the safest category for human consumption — this flower can be used as an ingredient in everything from hot teas to snacks and desserts, and is even edible on its own.

If you haven't tried it yet, you can think of hibiscus' flavor as somewhat similar to cranberry. You'll definitely recognize the tart quality of hibiscus, but it's subtler, a little more sweet, and overall pretty mild. In fact, while some hibiscus-infused products do have a pretty powerful flavor on their own, you'll often find hibiscus blended with stronger-tasting fruits, like strawberries and passion fruit, in popular supermarket items. 

The New York Times hails the ingredient, in its variety of forms, as a top flavor trend in the U.S. So we scoured the markets to bring you the best hibiscus-flavored products you can get at the store right now to get in on the tasty movement

The Republic of Tea Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea

The Republic of Tea has been providing ethically sourced teas for 30 years. Today, the company offers more than 300 premium teas for sipping and savoring, including plenty of hibiscus varieties — but for a true taste of the flower's tea power, start with The Republic of Tea's Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea. It's made from Nigerian blossoms and produces a tea as ruby red as the flower itself in just five minutes. This blend also contains sweet blackberry leaf and stevia leaf. 

This tea is so crisp and light, one fan says it's their absolute favorite refreshing beverage. Another reviewer claims to hate tea, but makes an exception for The Republic of Tea's Natural Hibiscus, thanks to its floral sweetness. Because this is an herbal fruit tea, it's naturally caffeine-free, so it's a great option if you need to back off coffee for a bit, but still want some real flavor in your morning mug. 

Honest Tea Berry Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Conscious shoppers love Honest Tea for the brand's steadfast commitment to making teas with organic, Fair Trade Certified ingredients. And they happen to be delicious, too. Honest Tea was founded with the mission to craft drinks that have plenty of flavor without being overly sweet, and the company now offers an extensive line of unsweetened and lightly sweetened tea varieties.

When you're looking to dip your toes in the ever-expanding realm of hibiscus tea, but don't feel like steeping your own, Honest Tea's ready-to-drink Berry Hibiscus Herbal Tea is a great one to start with. The multi-flavor blend also includes pomegranate, grape, and blueberry. But despite the inclusion of so many bold ingredients, fans claim the iced tea still maintains a light flavor profile, perfect for a refreshing recharge on a hot day. Several Honest Tea fans even go as far as to say Berry Hibiscus is the best flavor in the company's lineup of tea offerings (via Amazon). 

Capella Hibiscus Flavor Drops

Let's say you're ahead of the trend, you've been a total hibiscus hound for ages, and you think you've consumed every hibiscus product you can find at the store. What now? Well, if you've tried it all and still need more, maybe it's time to branch out on your own. And by that we mean creating your own hibiscus-infused products with the help of Capella's Hibiscus Flavor Drops.

A few drops of this preservative-free, concentrated hibiscus flavoring can turn just about anything into a floral treat. The drops are fat-free and calorie-free, and they don't contain any sweeteners, so you'll have total control over the sweetness of your finished concoction. And it's worth noting that a little goes a very long way when it comes to these concentrated drops. Capella recommends adding it little by little to some lightly sweetened water until you find the taste and strength you like best.

LaCroix Hi-Biscus Sparkling Water

LaCroix sparkling waters may not be as popular as they once were (via CNN), but that doesn't mean they're any less delicious. If you're looking for a hibiscus-flavored beverage that's subtler than juice or tea, pick up a pack of LaCroix Hi-Biscus sparkling water. It has no sugar, no sweeteners, no artificial ingredients, and no calories. All you'll get from LaCroix Hi-Biscus is naturally essenced botanical flavor and a satisfying fizz. As the company puts it, "if the color pink had a flavor — this would be it!"

LaCroix continues to produce plenty of sparkling water flavors to choose from, but fans of Hi-Biscus say it's one of the top choices because of its lightness. Reviewers describe it as pleasant, lovely, and just plain refreshing. One fan insists that if you're on the fence about trying LaCroix Hi-Biscus, you should stop wondering and just purchase it now.

Q Mixers Hibiscus Ginger Beer

Whether you're into cocktails or mocktails, many would agree that a Moscow Mule is pure pleasure in a glass ... or mug, that is. The traditional recipe calls for ginger beer, vodka, and lime to be served in a copper mug that takes on the chill of the beverage, and arguably makes the whole drink experience so much more fun. 

Popular carbonated beverage brand Q Mixers now offers a way to put a twist on your mule-making with Hibiscus Ginger Beer. In general, ginger beer is beloved for its spiciness, and the subtle sweetness of hibiscus in this version certainly doesn't wash away this important quality — but it does make it more approachable for those who have been turned off by ginger beer's strong taste. And while many drink mixers are heavy on syrupy sweetness, admirers appreciate that Q Mixers's Hibiscus Ginger Beer is not overly sweet. Some find it so delicious, they just drink it as a standalone beverage, not even bothering to add alcohol.

Vital Proteins Tropical Hibiscus Beauty Collagen

It's no secret that collagen is a celebrity favorite for younger-looking, wrinkle-free skin, and Well+Good reports that A-listers especially love consuming it in beverage form. Whether or not collagen peptides actually help the average consumer (or celebrities, for that matter) isn't 100% proven. However, if you're hoping to achieve the special glow that smooth skin can bring, Tropical Hibiscus Beauty Collagen from Vital Proteins is an easy-to-use powder for both hot and cold drinks that can at least guarantee the trend will be tasty.

Fitness and beauty fans love using Vital Proteins Tropical Hibiscus Beauty Collagen powder in homemade smoothies, and especially appreciate that it's not too sweet, as plenty of powders can be. And it's worth noting that flavor isn't the only quality this product borrows from hibiscus. The powder, and the container it comes in, take some tropical color cues from the vibrant flower with their delightfully pink hue.

Talenti Strawberry Hibiscus Sorbetto

Ice cream is a near-universal crowd pleaser, but what about the dairy-free crowd? Fortunately for the lactose-intolerant, sorbet is a nondairy alternative just as rich in flavor as ice cream. And Talenti's Strawberry Hibiscus Sorbetto (that's just Italian for "sorbet") is a premium freezer aisle choice that doesn't disappoint. The naturally flavored dessert is made from real strawberries and hibiscus flowers, with the addition of hibiscus powder.  

If you're not a fan of overly floral flavors, rest assured that Talenti Strawberry Hibiscus Sorbetto doesn't taste like grandma's perfume. The flavor profile of this frozen treat is described by fans as light and mildly sweet with a pleasing tang. In fact, the only danger to tasting this product seems to be that it's hard to resist devouring the entire container in one sitting. Thankfully, it only comes in pints, and after giving it a try, you'll probably be grateful for the forced portion control.

Absolut Hibiskus Vodka

For the 21-plus crowd, enjoy the floral notes of hibiscus in your next cocktail with Absolut Hibiskus Vodka. Like all of Absolut's vodkas, it's made from natural ingredients with no added sugars. While hibiscus flowers take center stage in the name of this flavored spirit, Absolut Hibiskus is actually a blend that features pomegranate just as prominently. While the fruit adds sweetness, the signature tartness of hibiscus still shines through, and fans of the drink say neither flavor overpowers the vodka itself.

It may be the splashy bottle design that draws in some curious imbibers for their first sips of Absolut Hibiskus, but it's the balanced flavor that keeps them coming back for more. Even drinkers who generally don't prefer flavored vodkas find that Absolut Hibiskus is subtle enough to enjoy in a variety of mixed drinks. And many say it's especially tasty and refreshing in a summer cocktail.

Tazo Passion Tea with hibiscus

Long before the current hibiscus craze began, there's a good chance that one of your first experiences with this floral flavor came from Tazo. That's because this was the brand that made the passion tea sold at Starbucks up until 2015. And while you may not have guessed the flavors that make up the ambiguously named drink, hibiscus is actually a main ingredient in Tazo Passion tea

Today, Starbucks exclusively offers Teavana tea after selling the Tazo brand to Unilever. But you can still get your hibiscus-infused tea fix, and you don't have to pay Starbucks prices for it. Tazo tea products are available in grocery stores around the country, in a variety of styles to choose from: hot Passion Herbal Tea bags, Iced Passion tea bags, and ready-to-drink Passion tea bottles. Along with tart hibiscus, Tazo Passion tea also blends orange peel, rose hips, and passion fruit for a smooth, fruity flavor. And fans love that the tea packs a subtle sweetness that isn't overbearing.

GoodPop Hibiscus Mint popsicles

Ice creams and sorbets aren't the only way to enjoy fruity desserts from the freezer aisle. There are also convenient, hand-held, long-beloved popsicles — and let's just go on the record now and confirm that they are certainly not just for children. 

For the hibiscus-hungry of all ages, GoodPop's Hibiscus Mint popsicles should be at the top of the shopping list. Made from hibiscus tea, mint, and lime, Hibiscus Mint popsicles from GoodPop are like mocktails on a stick. The good folks at GoodPop craft their organic popsicles from natural ingredients, with a fair trade ethos guiding their business. And at just 60 calories per pop, they are a healthier option than many other frozen treats out there. They're not the cheapest pops you'll find at the store, but with true quality comes cost. And fans say it's worth the higher price tag, praising the well-balanced flavor that's not overwhelmingly floral, but rather perfectly light and refreshing.

Sugarfina Strawberry Hibiscus Bears

Candy connoisseurs and foodie influencers have long been familiar with Sugarfina, particularly for their mega-popular Champagne Gummy Bears made with Dom Pérignon. But this brand offers a whole world of unique gummy bear flavors, including hibiscus, adding a dash of adult sophistication to an ultimate childhood favorite. The Strawberry Hibiscus Bears are said to be "as rejuvenating as a day at the spa," and come in Sugarfina's signature clear cube, perfect for gorgeous gifting (including self-gifting, obviously).

It's no secret that the brand's confections aren't exactly cheap, but purchasing Sugarfina is about the total experience, from the Instagram-worthy, boutique shopping environment to the fancy flavors and pretty packaging. Still, it's the pure quality of taste that has these gummy bear cubes flying off the shelves. Next time you're in the mood for gummy bears, skip the sticky cheap stuff in the grocery store candy aisle and treat yourself to a well-deserved cube from Sugarfina.

Antidote Strawberry and Hibiscus Milk Chocolate

Antidote Chocolate was founded on a small-batch ethos, making chocolate with the highest quality ingredients, and gaining quick popularity among discerning chocoholics. The delectable bars are sourced from Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao beans and made with real pieces of fruit, spices, and herbs, instead of essential oils and artificial flavors. Antidote's chocolate comes in artful packaging nearly as impressive as the chocolate itself, and the slow roasting process maximizes antioxidant and nutrient content.

Dedicated to high cacao content over high sugar content, even Antidote's milk chocolates are lower in sugar than the company's competitors. So next time you're craving a guilt-free hibiscus treat, look no further than Antidote's Strawberry and Hibiscus Milk Chocolate bar. It's got a smooth taste and subtle sweetness that fans love. In fact, one customer, who claims they prefer dark chocolate over milk, says the Strawberry and Hibiscus Milk Chocolate is their hands-down favorite among all of Antidote's chocolate bars.