Why You'll Soon See Hibiscus Flavored Everything, According To One Trend Forecaster

Who doesn't love a good trend? No, we're not talking side parts and skinny jeans here, but we're referring to the kind of trend that puts a modern spin on our food or drinks and introduces something new and exciting into our dietary routine. One person has even become something of an expert on predicting food trends, according to Thrillist. Andrea Hernández, creator of Snaxshot, a consumer-targeted, food-focused newsletter, has a background in marketing and uses extensive research to predict which food trends will make it big.

Snaxshot newsletters can focus on many new and exciting products. Hernández wrote about innovative things happening in the seafood space, like Sea SoGood, a Dutch company selling fish-free, canned tuna (If you're scratching your head on this one, don't feel bad — according to Vegconomist, it's actually a plant-based canned tuna sold under the brand name Happy Tune). The big trend right now, though, is a refreshing drink that will keep your thirst quenched with a minimal amount of sugar and no extra unnecessary ingredients.

Hibiscus is the new matcha

One interesting item on the Snaxshot list is hibiscus water. In her quest to find legitimate products to recommend to her readers, Andrea Hernández came across Ruby, a brand of hibiscus water. According to Hernández, Ruby's potential lies in their approach: "They talk about where hibiscus comes from, the regions, the different types of hibiscus. And in a time where we're all about making sure we're not going to pull a Kendall Jenner with her tequila, Ruby does it really well." Hernández even went so far as to joke that "hibiscus is the new matcha," according to Thrillist. Curious if you'll like hibiscus water? According to Ruby's website, hibiscus tastes like dried cherries.

Hernández' predictions don't stop at hibiscus. There are plenty of other fun food trends that have gotten her attention, and one recent Snaxshot newsletter focused on trends related to entertaining at home. According to Hernandez, people are craving creative at-home-dining experiences beyond the days of COVID-19 quarantine. Her eye is on companies that rent fanciful décor like extravagant tablescapes as well as those that sell grazing boxes, a delicious combination of cheese and charcuterie that can be enjoyed at home. That's definitely a trend we're willing to follow.