Selena Gomez Just Dropped Her Own Cookware Line

Most millennials recognize Selena Gomez from her stint on "Wizards of Waverly Place" and other Disney Channel projects. More recently, she has risen to become a pretty prominent pop star, with her songs blasting from radios around the world. And her ventures have not stopped there. Following in the footsteps of other celebs inspired by down time in quarantine, Gomez has taken her career from fictional acting to a cooking show. 

Gomez's new-ish show, "Selena + Chef," started airing a few seasons ago and features the singer inviting a chef to virtually teach her to cook. And while many don't think she is much of a pro at whipping up a meal, her show has continued to captivate fans enough for her to become known as a member of the food world. From buzz over her fridge ingredients to a team-up with popular NYC staple Serendipity3 for an ice cream sundae, she is making quite the culinary name for herself.

And with the launch of Gomez's new cookware line, that foodie name is about to get even stronger.

Selena Gomez's cookware collection gives back

Selena Gomez is among the many who believe that a good home-cooked meal has the ability to help people "come together and connect with their heritage through home-cooked meals," according to People. And to do so, you need the right vessels to hold that precious meal in.

Gomez and Our Place founder Shiza Shahid bonded over their shared values when it comes to cooking and decided to collaborate on a line of cookware together. The product website explains the line is about "reconnecting with our roots through all ways we cook: as beginners or experts, perfectly or imperfectly, messily and joyously." In addition, Our Place has agreed to donate 10% of proceeds from the line to the Rare Impact Fund, a fund that helps Gomez's charitable makeup line Rare Beauty to provide funds to "increase access to mental health services in educational settings," per the organization's site.

The collection features a wide selection including pots, pans, plates, cutlery, and more in one of two colors, Rosa or Azul, with bigger items like pots and pans pricing around $145-$165, and smaller sets like plates and glassware between $40-$50. It can also be ordered as a bundle if you want to buy several items in one fell swoop.