Dunkin' Is Celebrating Iced Coffee Day With An Unexpected Collab

With the weather getting warmer, it's time to switch your usual hot coffee order to iced coffee. For people who like making their coffee at home, there are secrets you should know to make the perfect iced coffee, like using coffee ice cubes to ensure your drink doesn't get watered down. But if you just want to keep things easier for yourself and prefer to pick up your iced coffee to go, then you can always head over to a chain like Dunkin'.

While Dunkin' is known for its coffee and donuts, sometimes, you'll find other merch that isn't edible. For example, earlier this year Dunkin' teamed up with e.l.f. to create a makeup collection, and their next partnership also doesn't have anything to do with food either.

In a press release obtained by Mashed, Dunkin' announced its collaboration with PUMA to bring fans two new pairs of sneakers. This collaboration comes in time for Dunkin' "Iced Coffee Day," and customers can buy these sneakers for a limited-time beginning on Wednesday, May 25.

What will the Dunkin' and PUMA merch look like?

Both pairs of these Dunkin' branded PUMA sneakers come in the coffee chain's iconic pink and orange colors. The sneakers also have some of Dunkin's other imagery, but it's more subtle, like a puma jumping through an orange donut or small coffee icons on the back of the shoe. The press release shared with Mashed says that one pair of sneakers will cost $80-90.

In addition to selling these sneakers to the public, Dunkin' and PUMA have also donated several pairs of the sneakers to "hospital heroes who go above and beyond every day to bring more joy to kids in hospitals." This is part of Dunkin's "Iced Coffee Day" festivities, and this day was started by Dunkin,' and the goal of this day is to spread joy to children who are in hospitals across the country.

If you're a fan of PUMA and fast food and happened to miss PUMA's collaboration with White Castle, then be sure to mark your calendars for Dunkin's "Iced Coffee Day." The partnership between Dunkin' and Carter's to make a family line of clothing sold out quickly, so there's a chance these sneakers will also fly off the shelves.