Dunkin' And Carter's Have The Perfect Family Outfit Collection

When you think about Dunkin', you might think about itsĀ new spring menu that includes new drinks and a cornbread donut or just a cup of coffee, which is Dunkin's best-selling product. What probably doesn't come to mind is clothing. However, Dunkin' previously released cozy merch and branded blankets, and it recently put out a line of clothing in partnership with Carter's that can be worn by a whole family.

On Dunkin's website, a press release states that the Dunkin' branded apparel became available for purchase from the children's clothing store Carter's on April 25. This clothing line has T-shirts that read "Mama Dunkin'" and "Dad Dunkin.'" There were options for toddlers, and there are even onesies for babies that are "Freshly Brewed." Normally, this would be the part where we say the items can be foundĀ online, but it looks like the products have flown off the virtual shelves. The press release says that this Dunkin' merch promotion will only last as long as the supplies do, so make of that what you will.

What do people think about this collaboration between Dunkin' and Carter's?

Based on some of the responses to Dunkin's announcement, it's no surprise that this clothing line started selling out quickly. The post on Dunkin's Instagram has over 43,000 likes. Though that might have something to do with the adorable wide-eyed baby that appears in one of the photos. While that might be endearing to parents, the clothes have even caught the attention of people who don't have kids yet. One Instagram user tagged someone and said, "okay HERE ME OUT. We are not yet married, and are waiting to have children, but these onesies and little shirts will not be around 3-5 years from now." Another person wrote, "not Dunkin' making me want a baby."

Someone else wanted to see these shirts include extended family and friends and left a comment saying, "Omg. Why don't they have a auntie's Dunkin Date shirt. I would buy at least three of them." If Dunkin' ends up releasing more clothes with Carter's, this might be another idea for more merch. Do you take your children or your friends' children to Dunkin'? We've ranked donuts from Dunkin', so maybe the little ones could use it to practice reading. Just make sure that they don't accidentally order $230 of coffee like this 4-year-old.