Andrew Zimmern Can't Get Enough Of These Spicy Kettle Chips

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It's not often that you see one, let alone two, high-profile chefs unofficially endorse a favorite snack food. That's exactly what happened this week when Andrew Zimmern gave an Instagram shout-out to his new guilty pleasure, Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Habanero Lime Potato Chips. Along with a photo of a bag of the chips, Zimmern wrote, "Next level. Not sponsored. Just stuff I REALLY like. These are simply incredible @kettlebrand, nice work ... #newaddiction." Within an hour, chef Bryan Voltaggio was in the room with a reply: "The apple cider vinegar are not bad as well..." 

Want to do your own taste test? It may take a bit of maneuvering to find samples of both flavors. According to Kettle Brand, it looks like Zimmern's pick, the habanero lime kettle chips, are a new addition to the brand's perennial line-up, and they taste like citrus and spicy pepper. Voltaggio's favorite, sweet and tangy apple cider vinegar chips, are marked "limited batch" on the website, but we did find them listed as available at Target, priced at $3.39 for an 8-ounce bag.

Zimmern's new favorite chips are spicy, really spicy

As comments started rolling in on Andrew Zimmern's Instagram post, a clear theme emerged. Kettle Brand habanero lime potato chips are hot, really hot. At least that's what we gather from all the flame emojis. And then there's this comment from @calebsethrich: "Most hot chips over-promise and underdeliver. These chips bring the real heat."

Users who hadn't yet sampled the new flavor combo were keen to get their hands on a bag, weighing in with comments like this one from @edwardsagedmeats, "Ohh need to go get some," and this flame emoji-punctuated response from @vman_marvin, "Can't wait to try it!" Even the widely published food photographer Brittany Wright had a suggestion for Zimmern. "You have to hit the new truffle ones they put out next," she suggested, along with a — you guessed it — flame emoji. Looks like we have our taste-testing work cut out for us.