The Summer Fruit That's Ready To Take Over The Wendy's Menu

While the thought of summer sparks joy in many, there is one major downside to this season: the heat. Despite the fact that it is not yet Memorial Day weekend, blazing heat waves have already been plaguing cities across the county. According to The Washington Post, recorded temperatures from this past weekend in some Northeastern cities may have even broken records for this time of year.

Thankfully, many popular summer activities revolve around ways to cool down. From trips to the local pool or nearby beach to drowning your sweaty sorrows in a frozen summer cocktail or an ice cream cone, there are many creative ways to beat the heat. Brands across the nation are also already debuting products to provide customers with a refreshing respite, including Sonic's new summer slush flavor and Aldi's new margarita popsicles. Wendy's is another company that may be hopping on the frozen treat bandwagon. While this Ohio-based chain already has its classic chocolate and vanilla Frostys on the menu, another fruity beverage may be available in stores soon. Hint: This rumored frosty features a popular summer fruit.

The Strawberry Frosty may be joining the Wendy's summer menu

From raspberries to peaches and cherries to watermelons, there are many iconic summer fruits that capture the essence of summer. Perfectly ripe strawberries are one of those fruits. According to a company memo that was leaked on Reddit, Wendy's may be featuring this classic summer fruit in a limited-time-only summer Frosty. While some Reddit users don't want to get their hopes up just yet, the strawberry Frosty will be replacing the vanilla Frosty for the duration of the summer — through September — according to the memo. To top that, the memo suggests that Wendy's will be providing a "free any-size Frosty" with any purchase on its mobile app as part of a 4th of July promotion.

If the strawberry Frosty is indeed the latest addition to Wendy's summer menu, it will be joining several other fruity beverages. Customers who are in the mood for something lighter but just as refreshing can always opt for one of Dave's Craft Lemonades. According to Chew Boom, Wendy's newest lemonade includes an unexpected fruit, too.