Sonic's New Summer Slush Flavor Offers A Sweet And Sour Sip

Summer, and the warm weather it brings, makes us thirsty. We love those cool drinks that give our taste buds a chill on sweltering days of sun and fun. Chick-fil-A, for instance, just dropped its Frosted Cloudberry Lemonade in time for the season, and Culver's recently announced the return of its lemon ice with six fruity ways to customize it. Our mouths can feel that cool rush you get drinking one of these frozen drinks with a straw just thinking about it. Well, get ready because another fast food chain has announced that it, too, is offering frozen drink lovers another option to help beat the heat.

Sonic, which is famous for its slushes and its 168,894 possible combinations — it would take 462 years to try them all — is giving customers yet another way to cool off this summer. And with Travel Pulse reporting that 80% of Americans would love to take road trips this summer — and will naturally need to take those occasional stops to refuel and recharge — you may want to add Sonic to your list of places to grab a frosty beverage. 

The fast food chain's newest slush drink offering brings together the sweetness of one of theitsr slushes with one of our favorite childhood candies to give frozen drink lovers a sweet and sour sipping experience.

They are available for a limited time

According to a press release from Business Wire, Sonic has debuted a limited-time slush float that features everyone's favorite sweet and sour candy: Sour Patch Kids. The quick-service restaurant is pairing these chewy candies with its watermelon flavor Slush and soft serve vanilla ice cream to create the Sour Patch Kids Slush Float. While these sweet drinks will be available nationwide beginning May 30, the release shares that if you download the Sonic app, you can get early access and try this new drink. 

Some fans have done just that and are now taking to Twitter to share their feelings about this new drink. One early drinker shared, "I really liked it! a lil sour but yummy," while another countered this by saying, "I don't recommend the sour patch slush float from Sonic." But the only way to get a definitive answer is to try this drink yourself, and one Tweeter has expectations, writing, "If this new sour patch kids slush float at Sonic doesn't leave me absolutely gobsmacked when I go try it I'm gonna be highly disappointed." 

Those who want to weigh in on this conversation have until July 31 to try this new slush.