Baskin-Robbins' Newest Flavor Is Inspired By Summer Cookouts

After what has felt like an eternally long winter, summer is finally on the horizon. And with the warm weather and lighter clothes, we are also ready to treat ourselves to a bevy of summer foods. From the satisfaction of biting into a burger or hot dog at a barbeque to the cooling effects of fresh fruit and icy treats on a hot day, companies have been taking advantage of the excitement over summer staples for years. 

Knowing that hard seltzer is a light and refreshing option for those outdoors in the summer sun, Sugarfina created a collab gummy featuring Truly hard seltzer flavors just last year. Similarly, Cheez-Its jumped on the rose' bandwagon with their Cheez-Its and wine box featuring House Wine rose' and a paired Cheez-It flavor in a handy to-go box. 

On the food-flavor side, Pop-Tarts has a returning Red, White, and Blueberry flavor, not to mention all the s'mores flavored food items that pop about every time summer is within a whiff's distance. And this year, everyone's favorite summer treat (arguably), ice cream, is getting the Baskin Robbins new flavor treatment with its own infusion of additional summer flavors.

A peachy start to the summer

Baskin Robbins is ready and raring to go this summer with a brand new ice cream flavor. The flavor marries two classic summer staples, grilling and peaches, to create an all-new Grilled Peaches 'n Cream ice cream. It "features classic Vanilla flavored Ice Cream paired with rich Grilled flavored Peaches and a tasty Cinnamon Sugar Swirl." The flavor is meant to introduce special tasting notes that mimic the same experience as a grilled peach, while using the ice cream and cinnamon sugar to elevate that initial taste. It was introduced to much fanfare abroad in 2021 and is finally making its U.S. debut.

And that's not the only grill-related new menu item. Baskin Robbins Grillmaster Cake mimics the look of an actual charcoal grill, complete with images of still cooking burgers and hot dogs made of buttercream on a grate over frosting flames and chopped Oreo "briquettes," while the interior holds a fudge base. Both desserts accompany a returning favorite, The Cold One Cake, a chocolate roll and ice cream cake made to look like a giant beer stein. All three are available starting June 1.