Pop-Tarts Just Brought Back A Colorful Classic For Summer

We love summer and all of the seasonal products some of our favorite brands and fast food joints are serving up. From Aldi's new margarita popsicles to Sonic's new summer slush flavor that offers a sweet and sour sip to the return of Blue Bell's summer flavor, Southern Blackberry Cobbler, and all the foods that have yet to be announced, warmer weather and fewer scheduled events give us more time to enjoy these delicious offerings.

But, perhaps, nothing says carefree summer more than our love for the iconic red, white, and blue palette, and Pop-Tarts is bringing back one of its classic pastries to help us feel that patriotic love with our morning breakfast. Pop-Tarts pastries have been a kid go-to since the 1960s, according to Huff Post; however, when they were first introduced to the world, there were only four flavors and no icing on top. Those first flavors were apple currant jelly, strawberry, blueberry, and brown sugar-cinnamon, but over the years, Pop-Tarts products have changed and there are more than 30 different Pop-Tarts varieties, including this seasonal pastry that may have you thinking fireworks and fun.

Make a flag with your Pop-Tarts

While Huff Post shares that Pop-Tarts frosted strawberry and frosted brown sugar cinnamon are the pastry brand's most beloved flavors, you might want to make room in your kitchen pantry for the release of their summer flavor that will only be around for a limited time. Per Brand Eating, Pop-Tarts is bringing back its Red, White & Blueberry variety to help us celebrate summer 2022. These yummy, kid-favorite treats hit the shelves of Walmart — and will only be available at this retail giant — just in time to help kick off the long Memorial Day weekend. While they will probably be around for the Fourth of July, you might see them leave shelves around Labor Day.

These festive and flag-waving Pop-Tarts feature a red crust, blueberry-flavored filling, and white icing strewn with red and blue sprinkles. They come in boxes of 16 and will run you about $4.14, although prices may vary. Of course, once summer is gone, so is this red, white & blueberry snack. Additionally, Kellogg's, the maker of this iconic food is holding a Red, White, & Blueberry Pop-Tarts flag contest, challenging lovers of these pastries to create a flag using Pop-Tarts. Post a photo on Twitter or Instagram along with the hashtag #PopTartsFlagEntry, and you could win a prize. To find out more about this contest, visit the Pop-Tarts website.