A Vodka Company Just Joined The Canned Cocktail Hype

Summer is heating up, especially when it comes to the adult beverage business and canned cocktails. These alcoholic beverages that many of us might find ourselves sipping poolside or drinking while sitting around the backyard at a barbecue are all the rage. Jack Daniel'sBacardi Rum, and Sauza tequila are among the many alcohol companies that have seized their piece of the canned cocktail pie. In fact, according to The Spirits Business, the ready-to-drink canned cocktail market is the fastest growing adult beverage market and it is expected to be worth a whopping $57.2 billion by 2032. Additionally, the site reported that vodka-based canned cocktails are slated to be the big winner in 2022, comprising 19.1% of all alcoholic ready-to-drink canned beverages. 

Enter the likes of P. Diddy, who has joined the ranks of these beverage makers and recently announced he has a canned cocktail line for vodka lovers. But Diddy isn't the only one grabbing a piece of the action. Absolut Vodka released a whole line-up of ready-to-drink canned cocktails in 2020. So, it should come as no surprise that another vodka company recently announced it's adding its new ready-to-drink vodka canned cocktail to your lineup of choices to fill your cooler. 

The drink comes in 3 flavors

Per a press release, Spirit of Gallo's New Amsterdam Vodka announced it is releasing its own spiked beverage and imbibers can enjoy three Wildcard flavors of this ready-to-drink canned cocktail — Original Hard Lemonade, Classic Hard Punch, and Lemon Hard Tea. The taste is described as "refreshing" and "crisp" with each can containing an 8% alcohol content. If you want to try this new cocktail in a can, it is being sold in flavor-specific 4-packs of 12 oz. cans. 

But what makes canned cocktails so popular? Maybe it's the convenience of having premixed drinks ready to go when you are hosting a party. Or maybe, per CNBC, their popularity is centered around the fact these drinks use real spirits, which stands in stark difference from hard seltzers which rely on sugar and malt. But one thing is for certain, quarantine during lockdown likely helped nurture the growth of this burgeoning market. Fabricio Zonzini, president of Budweiser's beyond beer unit said to the news outlet, "I think that Covid was somewhat a propeller for ready-to-drink because it brought the convenience of the bar to your home."