TikTok Is Hilariously Debating Taco Bell's Supposed Cheese Rule

Even though Taco Bell's menu never stays entirely the same, there are a few things you can probably always find, like some form of taco and cheese in most of the items. Sometimes, cheese even makes a special appearance, like when Taco Bell brought back its Nacho Fries for a limited time. Unless a regular customer prefers to order their food "Fresco style" and have the cheese (as well as mayo-based sauces and sour cream) swapped out for tomatoes, they might notice something else that doesn't seem to change: The shredded cheese used for the tacos is always placed on top of the lettuce, which sits on the pile of beef.

Redditors wondered about the cheese placement in 2014, 2017, and as recently as May of this year. The issue also recently came up on TikTok when apparent Taco Bell employee @caleb_lennon made a video saying that instead of putting cheese on top of lettuce, it should go on top of the meat so it melts. This video was a response to a comment asking why the cheese goes in the lettuce. Although @caleb_lennon didn't have an answer to that question, commenters had some theories.

What do people have to say about Taco Bell's cheese topping?

In the comments of @caleb_lennon's TikTok video, some viewers suggested that the cheese is placed on top of the tacos to prove it's there, saying that customers have likely asked where it is when it's not on top. Someone else had a cheekier reply. TikTok user @the_bacalao said, "My theory is so it drops into your car so when you're driving you see the cheese and want more t bell." This comment got over 50 likes, so perhaps this does convince Taco Bell super fans to go back for more. But a more critical commenter suggested that melting the cheese "would be too authentic" for Taco Bell.

A few other commenters thought that the cheese on top was for the best-looking taco. For example, one person wrote, "Cheese looks better than boring lettuce." And if you compare the two, happy yellow cheese might look more appealing than pale green lettuce, so that theory makes sense. While we might not know the official reason that Taco Bell puts cheese on top, we can always experiment with taco toppings at home. Here are some of the things you should be putting on your taco that might surprise your friends and family, like kimchi and cacao nibs.