Taco Bell Just Brought Back This Cheesy Snack For A Limited Time

After a long buildup, Taco Bell has finally brought back its cheesy, limited-time menu item: nacho fries. As their name suggests, Taco Bell nacho fries are french fries with Mexican-inspired seasoning and a dipping sauce of melty cheese, according to a press release by the chain. First unveiled in 2018, they've reappeared for a short time every year since. In 2022, the nacho fries will be sold for $1.49 — or $5.49 when purchased inside a combo meal including a Beefy 5-layer Burrito, crunchy taco, and medium drink.

The general public will be able to purchase nacho fries beginning March 10. However, Taco Bell rewards members can snag early nacho fries on March 9 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. A second bonus for rewards members will run from March 24 through March 26, when members will be able to get free nacho fries with any $1-or-above purchase. For non-members, a similar offer will run from March 27 through April 13, when customers placing a $15 order on Grubhub will get nacho fries for no extra charge.

Fans have been waiting almost two months for nacho fries

Taco Bell fans are likely pretty excited for the return of nacho fries — especially considering how long the chain has been hyping up their re-release. According to the chain's nacho fries press announcement, this year's advertisement for the menu item was made in collaboration with fans on Twitter. Taco Bell asked followers to submit ideas for the commercial and, in the end, decided on a time loop story in which a character named Vanessa decides to celebrate eternity by reliving the same nacho fries ordering experience every single day. (To clarify, this is a good thing.)

The fast food chain announced its collaborative plans for the nacho fries trailer on Twitter back in January. By late February, fans were already getting antsy since the chain had not yet announced the release date. One fan pleaded, "Date of return??? I need a date please!" On March 7, Taco Bell released a final behind-the-scenes picture of the commercial, leading to more excitement. "Don't want the scenes, I want the fries!!!!!!" another user replied. Though the chain has finally unveiled its plans for the 2022 nacho fries, a vocal minority will not be satisfied until Taco Bell resurrects the Mexican Pizza, as one fan suggested.