Twitter Users Are Divided Over Which Chain Restaurant Is The Worst

When you're driving down the highway, you'll pass dozens of chain restaurants and fast food places. While they might not always be what you were hoping for, you can probably count on them for quick service. But as far as customer enjoyment goes, the mileage varies, depending on the topic. For example, a Mashed survey found at nearly 43% of people agreed that the restaurant with the worst free bread was Ruby Tuesday, followed by Olive Garden. And in a separate Mashed poll, 24% of respondents thought the worst fast food chicken came from KFC while only 7% named Raising Cane's. But if people compared a few very different restaurants to each other, which one would end at the bottom of the pile?

Obviously, the answer partly depends on the options. When The Daring Kitchen looked at negative tweets, it concluded that Burger King was America's least favorite fast food restaurant (via WDBO). But what option wasn't included when Twitter user @DVontelJ posted pictures of four chain restaurants – Olive Garden, Raising Cane's, Wingstop, and IHOP – and asked people to weigh in on which was the worst. This got a lot of engagement, with over 13,000 retweets and thousands of comments. But opinions were divided.

Here's what Twitter has to say about their least favorite chain restaurants

There wasn't a clear least-favorite chain restaurant in the responses to @DVontelJ's tweet. Some of the people who thought Wingstop was the worst said that "every single time I got their wings they swimming in grease," and "Wing stop is just flavored Tyson chicken." But user @TierZoo insisted the "food is great," though they had complaints about the napkins and "dried out puddles of Dr Pepper." The other chicken chain, Cane's, didn't come out unscathed either. One detractor said, "The chicken strips taste like water" while fans of the brand wanted people  to "shut this Cane's Slander down."

One Twitter user had particularly strong feelings about Olive Garden: @VinnyJays said, "I will never stop with the Olive Garden slander. ... Sorry if your child like palate can't give up the unlimited breadsticks." This user argued that better Italian food could be found at a locally owned restaurant. But anyone who remembers the positive Olive Garden review that went viral and even grabbed Anthony Bourdain's attention knows that some people do have good experiences at the chain.

People didn't have too many complaints about IHOP, but one claimed that the eggs weren't cooked all that well. While Twitter might remain split on this question, at least "the worst chain" can probably rest assured that someone out there thinks it's great.