TikToker Nick DiGiovanni Reveals His Go-To Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Hack - Exclusive

Fast food chains and chicken sandwiches — does that duo sound familiar? The chicken sandwich wars were all the rage in 2021, with brands like Panera, Chili's, and Airheads entering the chat. McDonald's even just came out with a new Italian menu in the U.K. that features a Crispy Chicken Italiano (aka a fancier chicken sandwich). Now that there are so many versions of the meal, there is bound to be a tasty hack or two.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, TikToker Nick DiGiovanni, currently with 8.9 million followers and over 262 million likes, named the Popeyes chicken sandwich as his go-to fast food order. The food guru is known to post copycat fast food recipes online, such as McDonald's popular Oreo McFlurry and the iconic Texas Roadhouse butter.

DiGiovanni has a history of creating the impossible when it comes to food, as he just broke the Guinness World Record for the world's largest chicken nugget at 46 pounds. Based on this news, you can guarantee Nick has a solid chicken sandwich hack that you need to try.

Nick adds a side of coleslaw to his chicken sandwich

When asked about his favorite fast food order and which restaurant, Nick DiGiovanni mentioned that he's a fan of the Popeyes crispy chicken sandwich with red beans and rice on the side. The food creator explained, "I'll get a small side of coleslaw, and I dump the whole [order of] coleslaw upside down on my chicken sandwich and close the bun." He continued, "Having that Popeye's chicken sandwich with the coleslaw on there, it balances it out a little bit. It gives that cold hot contrast."

The next time you find yourself in the Popeyes drive-thru line, give Nick's go-to order a try. You can also use many of Nick's recipes, as he recently partnered up with vacuum sealer brand, FoodSaver, for a series of quick and easy meals. Whether it's peach cobbler, chimichurri-marinated steak, or egg bites, the MasterChef contestant has you covered. Who knows? His Popeyes chicken sandwich hack may be your favorite food tip yet.

Learn more about FoodSaver's vacuum sealers on their website or head to Nick DiGiovanni's TikTok page for more recipes and food tips.