The World's Largest Chicken Nugget Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Chicken nuggets were invented for a genius reason: to make it easier to transport chicken. Little did the inventor back in the 1950s know that someday, chicken nuggets would still be valued not only for being easily transportable but also as one of America's favorite drive-thru snacks. It sort of seems like the whole point of the chicken nugget is that it's small and easy to move around, but the creators of a recent world record-breaking nugget threw previous chicken nugget logic out the window.

Nick DiGiovanni, who previously competed on "MasterChef" and is now popular for making cooking videos on TikTok, teamed up with TikToker Lynn Davis of "Cooking with Lynja" to attempt to make the largest chicken nugget in the world (via Food & Wine). The duo had previously worked together in November of 2021 to break a sweet Guinness World Record, the largest cake pop. Their record-breaking confection was made with five cups of sprinkles and weighed in at more than 97 pounds (via Guinness World Records). With one official world record already under their belts, the chefs were on their way. Now, to beat the previous nugget record, which was set in 2013, they needed to create a chicken nugget that weighed more than 45 pounds (via HuffPost).

How big was the record-breaking nugg?

Nick DiGiovanni shared a video of him and Lynn Davis making their masterpiece on TikTok, and it took a lot of ingredients to make a nugget that could crush the record. They used 40 slices of white bread, a half-gallon of milk, 40 eggs, 40 pounds of ground chicken, onion and garlic powder, black pepper, salt, and MSG. The nugget was coated in breadcrumbs, and cooked in a specially made mold. The pair had to use an industrial oven to make sure the nugget would cook through in a timely manner, as it had taken more than 12 hours in a home oven during their testing (per Food & Wine). 

At the end of the day, they were successful in creating the world's largest chicken nugget, with their culinary record-breaker weighing in at 46 pounds, 3.34 ounces, which was 115 times the size of a regular chicken nugget (via Guinness World Records). Though there was at least one nay-sayer on Twitter, who said, "it's not really a nugget then, a nugget is small in size, so this is a false record," the friends, family, and filming crew that actually got to taste the nugget after the judging were probably pretty happy that there was plenty to go around.